Opening Ceremony, New Headphones and an Early Visitor

Good morning and welcome to the weekend, Fancy Oatmeal readers!

I was really dragging when I first woke up this morning because Dear Hubby and I watched the Olympics opening ceremony last night and once I’m up past a certain time of the night, I have a hard time falling asleep.  I know, I know.  I really need to put my college partying ways to bed now that I’m 30.

But what got my heart going this morning was our very first visitor to our apartment: a frog.  Ummm yea.  As I was opening up my laptop, I noticed a little something on the carpet next to my foot.  As I zoomed in, I noticed it was a teeny frog!!!!


Obviously I borrowed this photo because A.) I keep my nails better manicured than that, and B.) I was too busy trying to follow the little hopper down the hallway with an empty Solo cup and napkin to bother grabbing a photo, but don’t think I didn’t mentally plot out how to make it happen.  I managed to scoop him up and release him back in to the wild.  Worked better than a cup of coffee to shake the sleep cobwebs off!

Back to the Olympics!

Top Moments of the Opening Ceremony:

Creating the most chills:

Most Adorable:

Best Good vs Evil Moment:

Moment I felt most connected to the Olympics:

Moment that brought the most joy to my heart:

Thank you,

I can’t tell you how thankful I was that Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira were running color commentary during the ceremony; God bless Danny Boyle and his interpretation of how to kickstart the Olympics, but I couldn’t have made the connection between teenagers texting and setting a new world record for the high jump.  Oh well, that’s what happens when you’ve got the brain of a peanut and get your news from Perez Hilton.

I’m surprised I wasn’t a bit more tired out last night after completing my long run of the week, 7 miles.  It felt really really great to get my mileage up past 5.  That hasn’t happened in quite some time.

The time seemed to fly by, and it was a great opportunity to test drive my new tune band iPhone strap and JayBird Freedom Bluetooth headphones.

There’s nothing more exciting than when this moment happens:

Nothing like a little splash of Master Chef to add to your Awesome Afternoon cocktail!

My hat’s off to the Design and Packaging Dept over at JayBird because I thought the presentation of the headphones, all the way down to the instruction manual, was totally pimp.

After I carefully disassembled the fierce packaging, I read through the instruction manual to make sure that I wouldn’t destroy my new headphones because they are so much more sophisticated than I am.  I chose the proper size Secure Fit Ear Cushions and added them to the buds.

I decided to add the additional safety straps because I know myself well enough to know that I could still manage to rip these babies out of my ears in a freak sweat-swiping incident.  (That last photo is all, “Why so serious??!!??”)

Anyways, I also used a new iPhone arm strap because my old one was too sweat-logged to be able to continue on.  I’m not that bright, so I never really washed it that well after runs, mostly because I was too tired, so it smelled like cabbage soup and funk.  Out with the old, in with the new!

If nothing else is gained from this blog post, you’ll know that living in FL = “Contagion” style freckle breakouts for Amanda.   Sheesh!

My Overall Impressions of JayBirds:


  • Obviously I’m in love with the look of the headphones.
  • VERY easy to assemble and figure out how to connect to iPhone via Bluetooth
  • Audio for Dummies approach to volume, changing tracks, and taking phone calls
  • Snug, comfortable fit in the ears


  • Very comfortable; didn’t feel tight or itchy throughout entire run
  • Sense of freedom not having to worry about wires
  • Superb sound; music was just as clear as wired headphones
  • No skipping, music or myself
  • Easily adjusted volume and tracks while running
  • BONUS: When I decided to cut off the music and just read, the background noise was reduced.  This allowed me to stay in my own little running bubble, but still stay present enough to know if someone was yelling/horns honking (found this out on my walk home)

Overall, this was one of the best purchases I have made in the name of running or technology.  They’re definitely more expensive than running out to Walmart and buying a pair of traditional/wired headphones.  However, if you’re looking for comfort, ease of use, quality audio, and product that is guaranteed to be sweat proof, invest in a pair of JayBird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones.

PS – Any swag that JayBird wants to send this way, I’ll be sure to mention your generosity and pimptitude on my wildly successful blog.  *WINK, WINK*

4 thoughts on “Opening Ceremony, New Headphones and an Early Visitor

    • Ha! I’ll have to check this out. Both my husband and I thought it was rather brassy to not immediately respond to “greatest Olympian” question with, “There are so many great Olympians, I’m just glad to be in that conversation.”

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