Think Before You Click

Sometimes I can be a bit impulsive, but when it comes to running and training, I like to make sure that I’m fully informed and educated.  One of the worst things that I can imagine is getting injured because of poor decision making on my part.  Get your head in the game!

This is true for my running gear as well.  I have been interested in purchasing a new pair of headphones that are wireless/Bluetooth to avoid the embarrassment and stinging sensation when I accidentally rip the earbuds out of my head when the wire gets tangled up during a super set of Bi’s, Tri’s, and Shoulders.  After doing a lot of research and comparing reviews online, I have decided to make a purchase.

The Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones


It’s the future, and it is here!

I bought them through because I have a gift certificate left over from Christmas, and they should be here on Thursday and I can’t wait.  There were many reasons why I went with this particular brand and style, but the main two were:

1.  This photo:


2.  These videos:


…especially around the 0:29 mark

This next decision is something that didn’t have the full padding of much forethought, but I did it because it’s time for a real challenge.  And because I am not signed up for any races in August.

Running up and down six levels of a football stadium….in Florida…in August…

Why would anyone do this???

What is wrong with me??

3 thoughts on “Think Before You Click

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