The (Mel)Bourne Identity

Happy Tuesday, Fancy Oatmeal Readers!  I’m sorry about the lack of postage on Monday, but after having Dear Hubby busy at conferences all last week and being out of town for the entire weekend, some major random errands needed to be ran.  I’ll make up for it (not even close) in today’s post.

The one thing about my personality and lifestyle preference is that I am a planner; I own three.  I like the feeling of being able to know what’s going to be happening so I can map out my day.  I would say I’m flexible with my schedule and my husband would chortle in the background at that statement.  However, that’s not to say that I can’t waste the hell out of a weekend and not be able to really tell you what I accomplished.  That happened this weekend and I loved it.  When I woke up this morning, I began to mentally reconstruct the past few days’s events in preparation for this blog entry, and a huge smile came to my face.

After lunch on Friday, Dear Hubby and I headed south to visit our friends in Melbourne Beach, a mere three-hour drive in comparison to 4,000 + when we lived in Alaska.

This is my second time visiting the area and it was just as beautiful and relaxing as I remember it being last summer.  There’s just an atmosphere of contentment in the air, almost as if everyone has just finished the last page of an amazing novel and dinner is already prepared; at least that’s what call peace of mind.

Overall the weekend could not have been better.  I absolutely loved spending the time with our friends in their new home.  They’ve recently moved in and have made a lot of progress, adding personal touches that make it very “them.”  We definitely we on vacation mode, and the majority of our time was spent enjoying everyone’s company.

We spent a lot of time with some other couples that Mitch and Amanda introduced to us last year, one of which is getting married this upcoming weekend!  Good luck to you, Josh and Aimee!!!

With a drink in my hand, a smile on my face, and friends all around the weekend was a success!

In other news…

The only negative thing I could say about the past few days is that I realize now that I am not a fan of recovering from a chill mode weekend.  I’m still chugging water like it’s on sale.  I did manage to get one run in while we were in Melbourne Beach, but it was nothing worth bragging about.  I left the house at 7:30 and wanted to die by 7:31.  I have never experienced humidity quite like this, and had to stop and take walk-breaks about every five minutes.

Yesterday at my gym, I decided to do some cross training as a way to ease myself back into my routine.  I was afraid that I had over indulged too much to run, so instead I spent 30 minutes on a brand new cardio machine: the Cybex Arc Trainer.

I used to be a big fan of the elliptical machine before I discovered my love/hate for running, but it always had to be the right machine. Because I’m taller, I found that unless it’s a commercial grade elliptical, my hips and thighs would get sore long before they would become fatigued.  The Cybex Arc Trainer was a great alternative to running, and the 30 minutes flew by despite working up quite a sweat.

P.S. – Thanks to some helpful comments yesterday, I learned yet another reason to love Snap Fitness!  Apparently I can use my membership at ANY Snap Fitness facilities WORLD WIDE!

Afterwards, I decided to follow this lower body workout from Pinterest:

followed by a round of “300 Abs”


Question of the Day: How do you get back into your routine after being on vacation, or taking any sort of break?



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