What Impresses Me

Hi All and welcome to another edition of Fancy Oatmeal, Thursday style.  What makes it Thursday style?

 It’s Thursday.

He he he he.  Nothing like a little sarcasm to start the day out.

Anyways, another thing that started my day out was a big fat piece of Procrastination Pie.  Well to be fair, it wasn’t something that I purposefully or eagerly ordered.  Last night I was reminded as to why we aren’t truly making our apartment a home: college kids.  Granted, I am not about to expect the rest of the world to hit the sheets as early as I do; I wouldn’t turn down the offer if they suggested it though.  However, I do feel that around midnight would be a good time for you to stop playing your music and stomping to your roommate’s door to pound out, “I need your help, Bro.”

Thank you!

Anyways, I will take half the responsibility of me not being able to get enough sleep because I know that I am a light sleeper, but still…anyways, I decided that I would delay my workout at Snap Fitness for a few hours so that I could get a little more sleep and caffeine into my system.

This morning I scheduled myself a 5.5 mile Tempo run and an abs workout that I found on Pinterest.

I was going to do an upper body workout instead, but after dazzling myself in the mirror for a few minutes, I figured I was set for another day.

No, that’s a total lie.  I just couldn’t figure a way to incorporate this picture, and I can’t take myself seriously enough to put this up as a bragging photo.  Self-defacing humor wins again.

Since yesterday was a blog about what frustrates me in a fitness center, I thought today I would go “glass half full” and share with you what I impresses me in a gym.

1.  A Plethora of Weights

The hand weight set at my Snap Fitness (look at me being all possessive and stuff) range from 5 lbs. all the way to 150 lbs.  I pretty much can be found on the FAR left of the spectrum, and will jump up and down joyously when the day comes that someone does some bent over rows with the 150 pounder.

2.  Cleaning Materials

I’m going to go ahead and say this and let the hate mail fly as it may: you’re an absolute pig if you don’t wipe your used machines down.  And you’re an absolutely neglectful pig if you’re the manager/owner of a gym that does not have a full stock of cleaning wipes that AREN’T dried up for your patrons to clean the machines with.  I take pride in the fact that I do a thorough job of wiping down all the surfaces that my body has touched while sweating and sculpting myself.

There are no less than five of these “Circle of Life” cleansing stations in my gym, so there is no meandering away from your little sanctuary to either find a wipe or trash can to throw it away in.  Thank you, Snap Fitness Management!

3.  Pleasant Bathrooms with a Shower

A fully functioning locker room does nothing for me.  I tried that once and couldn’t get over the whole being naked in front of other ladies thing, and I’m not svelte or old enough yet to not give a shit if people see my nude flesh.  But what I do want to have is a place for a bit of privacy where I can collect myself when I’m at my worse.  I usually only need to use the restroom not at all or IMMEDIATELY after a run, and if I’m trying to take care of business in a seedy, sterile bathroom, it won’t coax my system into action any quicker.


And should I decide that I’m too gross to make it back to my apartment, I have the option to take a shower.


4.  A Home Gym at the Gym

I know that I didn’t sign up for a gym membership to get the same benefits of a home workout just in a less convenient location, but sometimes it’s nice to have some familiarity when it comes to working out.  I get intimidated easily by seeing just open space and hand weights; what if my form is wrong? what if I don’t do this move right? what if I have a “final exam time and blue book” blank out moment and can’t remember any of the exercises that I saw on Pinterest this morning?  Well should that be the case, thank the fitness gods that I can find some of the same equipment that I’ve been used to using.


5.  Nice Treadmills

Five Things My Treadmill Must Have To Keep Me Happy:

  1. Place for my Kindle to rest
  2. A water bottle holder that doesn’t rattle the bottle
  3. Wide track and “side steps” for me to rest upon
  4. Wifi – good Wifi
  5. Access to a TV should my music, podcasts, or books not keep me unfocused on my run enough

Check. Check. Check. Check. Check.





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