Oh Snap!

Happy Wednesday, Fancy Oatmealers!  And welcome back, Wednesday – you the “tomato, cucumber, and green pepper of  my 12″ turkey on honey oat standard Subway order” of the week.  You’re predictable, tasty, and the substance really of the weekly events.  Fridays are sort of like the pickles; a little bit of zest, but mostly I wake up the next morning thinking I took in way too much sodium.

Anyways, yesterday I teased a little bit about why I was going to need to relearn proper gym etiquette.  There are some basic rules that everyone should know when you’re going to be working out outside of your home and around other humans.  I have been using the workout facilities at our apartment, but in the past three days, I have had some claustrophobic/only-child issues arise; AKA people were touching my stuff!  If two to three people wanted to workout with completely opposite goals, the space would be fine.  When I want to run on the treadmill, I don’t want to have to feel itchy because the chick on the other, older treadmill keeps making passive aggressive comments about using mine as soon as “she’s done soon.”  Also, I didn’t realize that every inch of floor space was reserved for boot camps and such.  Yesterday morning, I wanted to do an abs workout, and I could not find any space to do my sit-ups because of the field day setup that was going on.  I’m far from a meathead, so I would have hoped that my meager biceps would have allowed the duo to notice that they should probably not monopolize ALL THE HAND WEIGHTS UNDER 50lbs.  Now, these two encounters were far less offensive than what happened at to Cely, but like I said, my birth order issues arose and I decided enough was enough.

I haven’t been a member of a gym since 2008 because I’ve owned my own treadmill since then and filled my need for strength training with Bob Harper and Jackie Warner DVDs and Pinterest workouts.  After picking up Dear Hubby from his meetings, we went on a tour of the local Snap Fitness.

Three Things I Loved Immediately:

1.  The Hours

The gym is open 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  Many of you know that I love to get my workouts in before the sun rises, so these hours fulfill that need.  Also, with people not having to rush after work to get their sweat on, there will be a smaller chance of a bottleneck at the peak workout times.

2.  The Location

As I mentioned, the gym is located about a mile away from us.  Also, our membership would be transferable to any of the other Snap Fitnesses in the state of Florida (possibly the US – I’ll have to check on that one).  That means that if we travel to Orlando or other cities, I’ll have full access to their gyms.

3.  The Equipment

I loved that the equipment was all relatively new, well taken care of, and color coordinated.  I know that may sound petty, but really aesthetics do matter.

I was sold!  This morning I went on my first visit to the gym.

I cranked out a five mile run (41:00) and then a leg workout using the machines exclusively.  I didn’t get pictures of it, but there will be more opportunity tomorrow.  With all the ample floor space (no more corners for Baby) I could have done additional sets of leg exercises, but I was running late on time.

13 thoughts on “Oh Snap!

  1. I’ve been with Snap for 3 and a half years and LOVE it (the 30-day-written-notice-to-cancel-thing is what got me in). You don’t have to transfer to use the other clubs though; my membership would only transfer if I use one of the other clubs more for a couple of months in a row. Your card opens any Snap throughout the US (I’ve been to 5 without a problem). I hear it’ll even open ones out of the country but I’ve never tried it. 😉

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