June Wrap Up and July Goals

Happy July 1st Everyone!!!!

I’m super excited about July starting because Dear Hubby and I have some major landmarks coming up this month, but before we can progress forward, let us reminisce about the fantastic month that June was.

Dear Hubby and I rang in the new month in balmy, yet stormy Jacksonville:

I finally was able to meet my adorable niece Charlie:

I ran my first half marathon:

I still haven’t figured out how to use sunblock properly:

I’ve done a little bit of cooking here and there:

 Dear Hubby and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary in style:

I am getting geared up for my new life in Florida:  I signed up for the CFLBlogCon and the Tampa/St 5k Color Run:

 I set a goal of 120 miles for June and I was able to meet and exceed it:

PHEW!  What a month!

So what does July hold in store for the Fancy Oatmeal family?  Well a lot:

1.  A MAJOR move down to Florida & creating a home for Dear Hubby and I.

2. Reconnecting with friends in our new hometown

3. Officially getting myself ready to teach at River City Science Academy – AKA reading potential books for the 9th grade curriculum.

Goals for July 2012

Family Life:

  • Become a real person and get my new home in Florida setup like a grownup.  Basically, I am ready to leave behind the fraternity lifestyle of the last apartment that I lived in before Alaska and stop “playing house.”  I hope that makes sense.  I am ready to be more responsible with my housing – actually use all the wonderful kitchen gadgets that I registered for from our wedding and not buzz through a drive thru 3/5 nights a week after work.
  • Begin researching homes and the home purchasing schtick.  Everything I know about buying a house was learned through movies and televisions.  If Friends and Sex and the City have taught me anything it’s that we should be able to afford a house five times as large as what my take home pay should afford me to buy.
  • Reestablish the art of the Date Night with my husband.
  • Start a “Dining Room Table” fund.  Right now, Dear Hubby and I are content eating dinner on our laps in front of the TV, but it would be nice to have a real dining room table.  I want to be able to have a real dining room set (see goal #1) and not just buy some ol’ cheapy thing just because we can afford it now.
  • Register for classes for the Fall semester through the University of Cincinnati.  I took the summer off of classes and do not want to fall behind any further.  My goal was to be able to graduate with my masters degree by the end of the Summer 2013 semester, so no more fartin’ around.


  1. Run 130 miles in July.  I hope to God that I am able to do so despite the fact that the temperature will be a carbon copy of my distance goal.
  2. Devote myself to putting in quality weights routine.  I’ve been a little slacky in June, succumbing to “ouch, that hurts.  better quit” more often than not.  I need to plan out my weight routines a week in advance, not day of.
  3. Look into local running clubs in Jacksonville.
I have the following books on my list that HAFTA get done this month:
  • Illustrated Man – Ralph Ellison
  •   Heaven – Angela Johnson
  •   Living Up the Street – Gary Soto
  •   The Red Pony – John Steinbeck
  •   The Time Machine – H.G. Wells

Also, I’d like to reread the Fallen series by Lauren Kate since I recently downloaded the fourth book, Rapture and have completely forgotten WTH I’ve already read.

*Sidebar – I’m rereading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green for a third time.  Can’t get enough.

With all of these goals to strive to achieve, July should be an amazing month.

4 thoughts on “June Wrap Up and July Goals

  1. Great wrap and what a plan! Did we stick you with that old kitchen table that rocked ‘cuz the dog ate part of the leg? Hope you found a “home” for that long ago! We’re so happy for you and Dan!

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