A Day of Indoors

Question: What does one do when it’s so blazin’ hot outside that the idea of being anywhere but directly in front of the AC makes you a lil batty???

Humidity tastes awful!!!!!

Answer: You make a day out of fun indoorsy activities!

Activity #1: Circuit Training with a Friend

Knowing that running outside, or any other manually laborious activity would NOT be happening, I decided to switch up the ol’ workout routine, and grab a buddy: Dear Hubby.

The Plan:

Circuit A: 15 minutes – Person A runs/jogs/walks on the treadmill; Person B warmups and does the Jackie Warner Abs circuit & then switch!

Circuit B: 15 minutes – Person A runs/jogs/walks on the treadmill; Person B completes Jackie Warner Upper Body circuit – SWITCH!

Circuit C: 15 minutes – Person A runs/jobs/walks on the treadmill; Person B completes Jackie Warner Lower Body circuit – SWITCH!


You can see the two peaks on the chart are from the two points in which I started back up on the treadmill.  I was “Person B” and started out with the JW DVD, and I had to cut my time short on the last circuit because my legs were so exhausted!  But overall I was very pleased with how effective this switch up was.

Activity #2: Bowling!

OMG I had forgotten how much I enjoy bowling, and discovered that the love affair not only is still on, but rejuvenated since Michigan has gone to a smoke-free policy for public buildings.  Lungs, meet fresh air and lane wax.

Even though this was part II of our lovely indoorsy day, I brought my game face.

Ummmm, say huh?!?!?

Activity #3: Sports Cards

My parents told us about a sports card shop in the same town where the bowling alley was, and to console Dear Hubby’s bruised ego after losing to his wife at bowling, twice, we made a stop in at Extra Innings in Mason, MI.

Usually, we do our cards bidness in a store called Legends, but it’s always good to have options for when you’re in different parts of town.  A very delightful and KNOWLEDGABLE man named Rick runs Extra Innings, and we stayed well over an hour just shooting the sporting news breeze with him.  With a box of 2011 Panini Threads football cards in hand, we made our trip home and enjoyed the remainder of our evening like this:

Was our day of indoorsy activities successful?  I’d say so!

3 thoughts on “A Day of Indoors

  1. How “cool” of you to turn a hot day into such fun! The creative mind can do wonders. Enjoyed this immensely!

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