Tools of the Trade Review

Last week I told you that I was going to try out two new runner’s tools and give you a review.  I had purchased a fanny pack  Nathan’s “5k” Runner’s Pak from Dick’s Sporting Goods,

Quickdraw Plus Water Pack, again bought at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

I have gone on two runs with both the fuel belt and the water bottle: one on the treadmill and yesterday’s run that was outside on the river trail.

The first run was on the treadmill, and I wanted to make sure that when I tested out both devices that it would be authentic, even though I don’t really need either of these things while I’m running inside.  So, I put my car keys in the pocket of the Quickdraw water bottle and four, C batteries in the pocket of my fuel belt.

No, seriously.

Well, what else should I have put in there? My cell phone and some Gu Chomps?  Naw, batteries are more realistic.  Duh.

After I was strapped in, I went for a nice, relaxed five mile treadmill run.  Granted, I do not believe that I will ever be in need of either C batteries or the combined weight of four of them in other more “necessary” items, but after the first mile or so, I got used to the slight bounce that they created around my waist.  I did get a little “switchy” when it came to the hand-held water bottle, but that too became a nonissue as the miles piled up and I needed more hydration.

I believe that 90% of the disturbance of my running routine was due to the fact that I truly did not need to have a fuel belt or hold onto a water bottle while on the treadmill.  I have a ledge and two buckets to hold all one my crap AKA my iPad, water bottle, cell phone, and other such anchors.  The real test was Sunday’s run: my first outdoor run since the Dexter-Ann Arbor Half.  I knew that things would be a little different out on the river trail, and the need would be present for better accommodations than my left and right hands.

Time to be serious.


Anyways, I loaded up my fuel belt with my cell phone, filled my Quickdraw with H2O, and then Mom and I hit the trail;  I ran and Mom rode her bike as was our tradition from last summer.

It was a pretty uneventful run, and there was never a point where I felt like I wanted to unhitch my belt and toss it in the Grand River.  In fact, I was truly grateful when this photo opp happened:

This little guy was just chillin’ on the side of the trail, and I was VERY easily able to snap a pic because my iPhone was in my fuel felt.  It’s a jungle out there!

Even from the first steps of the run I was not distracted by having my water bottle in my hand, and I was REALLY glad to have it as the distance piled up.

Overall impression:

I am very pleased that I purchased both the 5k Pak and the Quickdraw.  They are user-friendly, adequate for my needs, and easy to utilize while running.  I never felt hampered during my run, and neither were cumbersome as I toddled along.  The price was just right for them both, and I can see myself using these routinely on my outdoor runs.

3 thoughts on “Tools of the Trade Review

  1. So wait, you have to hold the water bottle in your hand? And that doesn’t drive you crazy?

    I have a fuel belt that holds two small water bottles and then has a small pouch in the middle for keys, fuel, etc. I use my iPhone as an iPad and I have an arm strap (that got lost in our move, so actually I don’t have it right now – but theoretically I have it.)

    I found that the belt bouncing up and down is ANNOYING. So I wear it up at Urkel hight, around my natural waist, so it doesn’t move around and slam my hips the whole time. But like you said, as you drink the water and as the run goes on – and you appreciate the water, it becomes awesome.

    My friend and I used to run a route that had a water fountain, so we could even re-fill the bottles. AMAZING!

    • I have never tried the belts with water bottles, but the idea of it made me feel I wouldn’t like it. I wouldn’t mind trying it but not if I had to buy my own. Lol I am cheap.

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