My Guilty Pleasures

Shhhhhhhhhhhh!  Close the window blinds and turn down the lights.

The sun has not begun to creep above the horizon yet, and already I’m embarrassed of my behavior.  But I can’t be alone in wanting to indulge in a lil trash from time to time.  I have a certain persona that I want to keep up while I’m in the streets (WTH am I talking’ about “streets”???)  Some people eat ice cream right out of the container, standing in front of the open freezer; others find comfort in leaning over a 100X magnifying mirror, plucking out any stray hair that was stupid enough to sprout on their faces.

When my sister was in town, I shared with her a TV series that I had begun to watch, she was shocked that I would watch such a show.

“I mean, I watch it. I just didn’t think that was something you would watch.”

My plan is working then.

So while I wouldn’t bring up my BCDB – Behind Closed Door Behavior – I can’t wait to share it with you!

Top Three Guilty Pleasures

Since I’ve already spilled the beans about my obsession with Fifty Shades of Grey, nothing should be off limits, right?

1.  Wendy Williams

2.  The Real Housewives of Atlanta

3.  It Works! Tummy Wrapping

I’ve already showed you my Before and After photos,

and showing off your tummy online is NOT pretty, but DAMN!  I love the results!

4.  Perez

I don’t watch the local news, and prefer to get my information online.  I’ll visit the Huffington Post now and then, but mostly I love celebrity gossip the most.  Therefore, my go-to source for breaking news is Perez Hilton.

I’ve got his website bookmarked right on my Safari toolbar.

5.  I’m going to eat at Panera Bread, ordering the Strawberry Poppy Salad, two days in a row and I cannot wait!  I’m just a girl who knows what she likes.

So while I may not consider any of these things to be “dinner table talk,” I know that there could be worse things to spend my time on.  It’s all part of what makes my life to fabulous!


6 thoughts on “My Guilty Pleasures

      • Probably NJ, I love them the most.

        I never really cared for the OC, but this season I got really into them. The Beverly Hills is interesting for sure – they’re soooo wealthy and crazy.

        I think the Atl and NJ ladies are the most “realistic.” Some of my friends have said that the issues facing the OC ladies – re-marriage, divorce, kids getting older and going out on their own, etc – are all relatable, real life issues. I get that, I agree with that POV.

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