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Happy Hump Day, Fancy Oatmeal Readers!

It is a great day.  I’ve been one busy girl, and I cannot wait to share with you what’s been keeping my heart rate and dreams high!  I’ve been thinking about supplemental income for quite some time.  I know that as a teacher, I did not join the profession to make a Scrooge McDuck pile of money, but I do have bills to pay and certain elements of a lifestyle that I’d like to achieve.

So when my dear friend Jessica introduced me to the It Works! product line in April, I was intrigued and had her send me a wrap in Alaska.

As you all know, I run and lift weights on a daily basis, and no matter how much I sweat or cut-calories, I cannot lose that extra weight around my waist, around my upper thighs, or the chicken wing that swings long after I stop waving goodbye.

After using the body wrap, only 45 minutes of guilt-free lounging on the couch while drinking water, I was able to lose 4″ around my waist.

I knew that as soon as I got back to Michigan, I wanted to become even more involved.  Yesterday, I had a lunch meeting with Jessica and served a delish BBQ salad, fruit, and homemade whole wheat bread.

We got caught up, filled our tummies, and I got the ultimate sales pitch that not only would I be continuing to be a customer, but I wanted to help promote these amazing products to my friends and family.  I signed up to be an It Works! Distributor and then immediately applied a wrap to my tummy.

My Before and After photos from Tuesday:

I lost 6″ total in less than 24 hours.

Ultimate Applicator FAQ

What is the Ultimate Applicator?

The Ultimate Body Applicator is a non-woven cloth wrap that has been infused with a powerful, botanically-based formula to deliver maximum tightening, toning, and firming results when applied to the skin. It continuously hydrates for firmer, smoother, more youthful-looking skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite and skin slackening. See results in 45 minutes.

Can anyone use the Ultimate Applicator?

The Ultimate Applicators are formulated for adults. They are not recommended for children. While our products are safe and effective, we do not recommend that pregnant or nursing moms use the Ultimate Body Applicator or the Chin and Neck Applicators.

How often can I use the Ultimate Applicators?

The Ultimate Applicators can be used every 72 hours and should not be used closer than that since they are continuing to work during that time.

How long should I leave the Ultimate Applicator on?

If it is your first time using an Ultimate Body Applicator, we recommend that you only leave the Applicator on for 45 minutes to test your skin sensitivity to the natural ingredients with detoxifying properties. For best results, use Defining Gel twice a day in between your Applicator uses.

Can I use more than one Applicator at a time?

In most situations, we encourage you to use only one Ultimate Body Applicator wrap at a time because it will give you the most dramatic results when targeting one area at a time. The Ultimate Body Applicator targets the specific area where you have applied it and will continue to work for 72 hours.

What about for arms and legs, is it okay to wrap them at the same time?

For leg and arm applications, it is safe to either cut one Applicator in half and use half on each limb, or, if necessary, use one Ultimate Body Applicator on each limb to promote symmetry.

How does the Ultimate Applicator Work?

The Ultimate Applicator works by detoxifying, tightening, toning and firming. Daily, toxins are naturally removed from the body by your stool, urine and the air you breathe out. The ingredients continue to work for 72 hours after you have applied the Ultimate Applicator, so you may continue to see progressive results over this time period.

If I have personal medical issues, can I use The Applicators?

If you have concerns about whether or not the It Works! products are right for you, we strongly recommend that you print off the ingredients of the products you are interested in and then consult with your physician.

You can find the ingredients lists for any of our products by browsing through our Products section. Simply click on the product you are interested in, and then click on “View Ingredients” on that product’s page.

Will the Applicators interfere with the medications I am currently taking?

If you have a medical concern, allergies or sensitivities, we suggest that you consult with your physician or personal pharmacist to help you answer those questions. Just print the ingredients lists by clicking on the actual product page and then click on “Ingredients”. You can have your physician review the ingredients pertaining to your personal health situation.

What are the sizes of the Applicators?

The Ultimate Body Applicators is approximately 13″ X 21″ and the Chin & Neck Applicators is approximately 13″ X 11″

When I used the Ultimate Body Applicator, I noticed a small rash on my skin afterward. What would cause this?

Very rarely, some people develop a rash from the Ultimate Applicator. For those who do, it is usually caused by the detoxification process. As the Applicator detoxifies your body and you begin releasing those toxins, it can show up in your skin. Be sure to drink plenty of water to continue flushing out toxins, and the rash will diminish within a couple of days. Occasionally, someone may find they have an allergy to an ingredient that could produce a rash and this is why we always encourage new customers to consult the ingredient lists before using our products. If you have a persistent rash, we recommend that you consult your physician.

How long do the results last from the Ultimate Body Applicator?

The results you see from the Ultimate Body Applicator are not temporary, as you may have experienced or heard about with many body wraps that simply cause water loss. The Ultimate Body Applicator helps detoxify, tighten, tone, and firm in a manner that produces lasting results—without water loss.

As is true with any weight loss or body slimming, you can reverse the results you see from the Ultimate Body Applicator with poor eating habits and lack of exercise. This is why we say, depending on your eating habits and level of daily activity, you can expect your results to last approximately anywhere from 2 – 6 months.

Using Defining Gel daily can help you make sure that you improve and maintain your results from the Ultimate Body Applicators. Continued use of the Ultimate Body Applicators will also help you achieve continued results and maintain results you may be reversing with eating and lifestyle habits.

This product is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women or children. If you have a medical condition, health concern, or are taking prescription medication, consult with your health care professional before using this product.

So I know what you’re thinking: I want to have this in my life too!

Here are the details:

You can try a wrap through me for $25. The Loyal Customer program is an excellent to get a great value. You get 4 wraps for $59. It’s only a 3 month commitment, and you can pick a product other than wraps if you want to.

If you are really excited about the products, and you would like to sell them as a distributor, I would be honored to have you sign up under me.  You can sign up for $99, and that includes a box of four wraps.

Send me a message at: for more info

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