So Much Running Stuff!

Let’s just jump right into it today, readers!  It’s a big day for running today: National Running Day!

Had I known in advance, or gotten my head out from under a rock, I wouldn’t have become aware of this holiday this morning.  Oh well.  Once I read about it in ShannonJoe’s blog, I Read Run Teach, I knew that my run today would have to be bedazzled!

After I finished, I did my normal thing of syncing up my iPod nano to my computer, but the Nike website was TOTALLY new!

It was a little disorienting at first, but once I took a sip of water and took a deep breath, I don’t do well with change, I realized that all the same information that the old interface offered is still there, but with a few new additions that I think are great!

I appreciate that not only do you see the times of each mile and the average pace, but that it lays out the difference in time in black and white WITH the percentage of change.

The site still maintains my personal records and averages, but also compares my runs to average women my age and the Nike community.

Here’s proof to all my exes that I AM better than the average woman.  WORD!

You know me and my personal motto: “When in doubt, it’s probably calorie-free.”

No, my other motto: “Go big or go home!”  So I signed up for my next/first half marathon in Jacksonville, FL!!!!

Three Reasons Why I Signed Up:

1.  It had great reviews from other runners

2.  It will be in October AND 7:00am won’t be too hot and humid.

3.  The route is in downtown Jacksonville, so it will be a great way to explore the city!

So get out there and even if you have to run from your car into the house, celebrate National Running Day!


6 thoughts on “So Much Running Stuff!

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    • Hey there! I just saw my shout-out and am stoked! It definitely helped knowing it was NRD an my run was definitely inspired! And yes, our friendship is most def mutual!!!

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