TAG! You’re It!

I was tagged in a bloggery game of fun by the awesome CultFit blog.  Why do I love checking in with them everyday?




We always enjoy reading the terrific work of Amanda over yonder at Fancy Oatmeal.  Why?  She’s real, honest and nice.  Unlike Uncle Mo who recently attended his annual Local Chapter 407 of Visigoth’s meeting this past weekend (Put that into your Google Machine peeps!)

Amanda, Our question to you is:  If Christian Grey had a favorite nursery rhyme?  What would it be and please provide some historical data to back up your findings?!?

The answer to the Christian Grey question????

Round and Round
The playroom they go;
Christian chased the mistress.
First she thought twas all in fun,
Then spank! goes her booty!

TAG!  You’re it!!!!

Now it is my pleasure to present to you three blogs that I absolutely love!

1.  Paula at Eat:Watch:Run

I feel like I want to be Paula when I grow up; she’s so much cooler than I am.  She has a strong, legit voice when it comes to review concerts, movies, and training.  One of my all-time-favorite things to read in Paula’s blog is her weekly recaps of American Horror Story.

My question for Paula:  If you got to choose your next-door neighbor, would it be Constance from American Horror Story or Kristin Stewart’s no-expression, Molly Mopper face?

2.  The Hungry Runner Girl

Talk about a breath of fresh air!  I absolutely love reading HRG every morning over a cup of coffee!  Each blog entry is so fun and light and airy, but yet so full of good info!  If I ever have questions about creating the world’s best, and massive salad from a buffet, I know the blog to turn to for guidance.  Oh!  And the HRG family is expecting a little bundle of joy soon!

My question for the Hungry Runner Girl: If you were asked to create a three-course meal from food you purchased at Costco, what would it be?

3.  Cely at Running Off the Reece’s

From her love of Magnificent Men (all week, but especially on) Mondays, to her snarky, realistic take on training, annoying co-workers who eat your food (WTH???) Cely brings it every post!  She’s honest and there ain’t nothing wrong with a night in with wine, Reece’s and a bitch-face dog.  Sorry Bardot.

Question for Cely: Who do you think you relate more to?  Kate Middleton or Lady Mary from Downton?

Now it’s your turn – I know, “Gee thanks for the chore, jerk.”  If you’ve been tagged, or if you want to participate and have a blog, please return the favor!  Choose three more blogs that you love, give a short synopsis as to why you’re head-over-heels with said blog, and ask the blogger in your heart a question.  Looking forward to see how this goes!!!

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