My First Half Marathon

It happened!  Another “strikethrough” applied to my “To Accomplish” list.  Oh and these little ditties:

Happy Monday, Fancy Oatmeal readers!!!  I am so incredibly pleased to be able to get out of bed report that yesterday’s Dexter-Ann Arbor race day went off without a hitch, and yours truly completed her very first half marathon!!!

Truly, truly, truly I am still amazed that I was able to cross the finish line, and I’m not trying to be all Taylor Swift about it either.


But let’s backup a little bit and start from the beginning of our day.  Because I live about an hour and a half from the Dexter-Ann Arbor area, and still needed to pick up my race packet, Dear Hubby and I started our day at 5:30am.

The good news is that my sister and niece were in town to visit, and they also dragged themselves out of bed to support us.

It was truly a family affair because my aunt and uncle were running the 10k, and cousin Liz was also running the half marathon.  Nothing calms the nerves like knowing you have full support and encouragement, just like a good push-up bra.

There were two shuttles taking racers to their respective starting lines: yellow for the half, and blue for the 5k.  Now, I was not standing that far from the pick up area, so one would have thought I would have heard them say, “Get on the bus now, or you WILL be left 13.1 miles away from the starting line.”  Umm no.  Long-story short, I had to run, literally pumping arms like a fool to catch my bus for the race.  THANKFULLY!!!!  I made it.  Not exactly how I wanted to warm up.  That was really the only flub up I had for the day, so all is well.

Music, coffee, and stretching kept all the runners from losing their minds from nerves, and thankfully I knew enough to keep away from the java.  I lined up around the 9:00 Pace sign, hoping that I would be able to maintain it and not let the hype of the starting pistol amplify my expectations/abilities.

Truly, I was feeling pretty decent through the first 8.5 miles, and thankfully the race organizers placed water/Gatorade every 2 miles to keep those of us who were silly enough not to bring their own hydration.  I kid you not though, I was heavily considering ducking out at least once between hydration centers.

“Would anybody miss me if I high-tailed it through this roadside forest?”

“Don’t be dumb.  You bought a 13.1 headband.  It would be a whole $4.50 wasted.  Keep running, you clown.”


My cousin Liz met up with me around that point and kept me motivated and encouraged that I would be able to finish.  I had to stop and walk a few times, mostly because my stomach was SCREAMING at me that we should stick to 15ks.  I slowed my pace, walked when I had to, and saved up a little somthin’ somethin’ for the last 1.5 miles.  I ate 4 orange flavored Gu Chomps throughout my run, and devoured the last one as I saw this sign:

As a Michigan State Spartan who bleeds green and white, you should know how badly I wanted to finish the #!*!$ race to be ecstatic about this sign.  Anyways, I kept up my slowed pace determined not to stop and walk again, and finally I saw the holy land; the finish line.  When I stepped across and heard the announcement of my name and home city, I threw my hands up and let go of a big sigh.  I had done it!

I met up with my family and congratulated everyone for doing a great job and finishing their races, but especially to Liz.

I felt decent after the race was over, and only felt pain in my right buttock and left shoulder.  Don’t even ask me to figure that combination out.  After drinking a bottle of water in .3 seconds, Dear Hubby and I B.O. hugged everyone and headed home.

Will I do another half?  You bettcha!  Look for the lessons learned from this half in tomorrow’s post.

Overall impression: Great job Ann Arbor Track Club in hosting the Dexter-Ann Arbor Half Marathon!


10 thoughts on “My First Half Marathon

  1. Amanda, congratulations on completing your first half marathon! You picked a great one for it. DXA2 was my first half too, back in 2010, and continues to be my favorite. And we got some great bling this year, didn’t we? The finisher’s medal is really distinctive, and a big improvement over the last couple of years. Good shirt, too.

    What’s next? Has the possibility of a *full* marathon poked its way into your mind yet? If you’re at all like me, it will shortly, like it or not.


    • Thanks so much, Jeff!

      I was very pleased with the while Dexter-Ann Arbor race experience. I would recommend it to anyone, but especially beginners.

      I don’t know about the full quite yet…give me a few years 🙂

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