May Wrap Up and June Goals

Happy 1st of June!!!   I swear, I’ve only been home for two weeks, but with all the craziness of our schedules, it’s felt like at least two months.  I’m happy to report that Dear Hubby and I made it home safely from Florida, and I’ll spare you the headache that is being around other people flying commercial.  Just grateful it’s over and a good foundation has been set for our new lives to begin in Jacksonville, FL!

Before I can sink my teeth into a new month, let me wrap up May with a tidy bow.

May 2012

1.  Running: It was my goal to get myself back on track with more consistent running and weight training.  I set a goal of 110 miles, and killed it by ending May with 130.5!

I was able to run each day while in Jacksonville, adding 20 miles right at the end.  I decided to take today off since I’m only two days away from my first half marathon!!!

2. End of an Era

Dear Hubby and I said goodbye to our life and students in Alaska.  It was a tearful departure, but we knew that it was time.  We love and appreciate all the friendships and memories that were created while we were there.

3.  New Beginnings

Dear Hubby and I accepted jobs at the River City Science Academy in Jacksonville, FL and will be moving there sometime in early July.  We visited the area the past several days and cannot wait to begin our new lives there.

What’s up ahead – June 2012

1.  My sister Jen, brotha-in-law Sha, and niece Charlie (Charlie Bell, a nickname I’m going to try out) are in town TODAY for a long-weekend visit!  It’s the first time that I’ll be meeting Charlie Bell, so I’m hoping I will live up to her expectations, diva that she is.

2.  You know what they say, “the family that races together, takes naps all afternoon together.”  And since I take phenomenal naps, and Sha is a runner as well, we decided to hit up the Dexter-Ann Arbor half marathon on Sunday.  This will be my first half; Sha’s 283rd.  No, but really he’s far more experienced than I, and it was him that inspired me to try 13.1 miles after we ran in the Boilermaker Road Race last summer.

3.  Running goal for June: 120 miles!


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