St. Augustine and the Conch House

Good morning, Ya’ll!  Can you tell I’ve been in the south for a few days?  I knew that I was when two of the three iced tea canisters at Panera Bread were designated for the sweet variety.

Ok, so they may not be that blunt about it, but you get the idea.

Anyways, Dear Hubby and I had the day to ourselves without any appointments and such, we decided to treat ourselves.  Truly, my intentions were to just go out and get a lil treat from Panera, but when I pulled up into the parking lot, well…I just had to!

I am fortune’s fool.

What was really sweet was that when I was getting my eyebrows done, Tommy my new best friend, would rub my shoulder and coo at me after each R.r.r.r.r.r.r.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.P of the waxy fabric.  So sweet.  After he worked his magic, I was hot to trot!

For lunch, Dear Hubby treated me to a road trip to St. Augustine, which was a cool 35-45 minute drive south from where we are staying.  I was really eager to make this voyage because I love exploring new towns, especially when they are rich in history and culture.  Check out what Wikipedia has to say about St. Augustine:

St. Augustine is a city in the northeast section of Florida and the county seat of St. Johns County, Florida, United States.[1] Founded in 1565 by Spanish explorer and admiral Pedro Menéndez de Avilés, it is the oldest continuously occupied European-established city and port in the continental United States.[2] St. Augustine lies in a region of Florida known as “The First Coast“, which extends from Amelia Island in the north to Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and Palm Coast in the south. 

The vicinity of St. Augustine was first explored in 1513 by Spanish explorer and governor of Puerto RicoJuan Ponce de León, who claimed the region for the Spanish crown.

I can’t describe for you what it’s like being in a town that is so rich with history, and the shops were calling to me with their old world architecture.  But my stomach was grumbling, so we will have to rain check the shopping.  Dear Hubby and I ended up at the Conch House Marina restaurant.

Talk about a phenomenal location!  Right off the marina, the Conch House had individual huts for dining.  You could smell the fresh sea water, feel the breeze through your hair, and the food was delectable!  

I had the most phenomenal salad, overloaded with fruit, goat cheese, and I added a grilled chicken breast.

When our tummies were full, it was back to Jacksonville to finalize a few loose ends and catch some of the sun rays that finally poked out of the clouds.

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