Back in My Life and New Digs

It was bound to happen.  I’m just shocked it took this long.  With temptation calling out to me around every corner, I thought the inevitable would have overtaken my life by now.  It’s been over four months since we last indulged.  I’ve dreamed of this day since I last left you.  So pure.  So available.  So tantalizing.  You know what you are.

Oh baby!  Yea, this is my first Subway experience since Christmas!!  I don’t know how I held out so long.

If you’ve ever asked me the question, “what would you like for 10:30am snack dinner, Amanda?” you know that 99/100 times I’m going to respond with Subway.  I’m a woman of consistency and routine.  I should have a needlepoint pillow etched with the phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  You know that I’ve eaten the same lunch for the past 6 months of teaching, so that should tell you three things about me:

1. FA-REAK!!!!!

2.  I am nothing if not content with consistency

3.  I lurve me a sammich!

I paired up my turkey breast  (HOLD THE CHEESE; lettuce, tomato, pickles, cucumber, green AND banana peppers, olives, mustard and a splash of vinegar) on wheat with some fresh strawberries from Wally World.

When I took my first bite of juicy, berry goodness, I could barely contain myself.

Truly it was the perfect way to end a day abuzz with exploration and future planning.  To kick off my day, I scratched another five-mile run on my belt, and followed it up with a great abs routine.  The gym at the Courtyard Marriott has a weight bench, so I was able to up the intensity of each move by balancing on it.

I did three sets of each move and was able to feel the effects all day.

Afterwards, Dear Hubby and I spent the morning and early afternoon taking tours and weighing the pros and cons of several apartment complexes in the Jacksonville area.  The two things we wanted to make sure of was that we were close to work and had a second bedroom for friends and family to come and visit us since we bribed a lot of favors using a free stay in our place as the carrot.  With a move from Michigan to Florida coming up, we better make good on that offer.

After enjoying a refreshing Acai Berry Iced Tea at Panera Bread, it was time to head to our new home-away-from-home and officially meet our new principal.  I have to say, I was really excited and nervous about seeing our new school.  I absolutely loved the look of it from the outside, and as soon as I entered the building and walked the hallways, I knew that Dear Hubby and I had chosen well.

Everyone was so incredibly nice and welcoming to us.  I am very pleased to know that some of my future colleagues are also reading my blog.  When I found this out, I smiled and said something like, “Oh great!  I am so glad you’re enjoying.”  On the inside I was all:

Now that my tummy is full and my ego has been stroked, it’s about that time of the night for me to fall into slumber, imagining the new life that Dear Hubby and I are plotting out for ourselves.

8 thoughts on “Back in My Life and New Digs

    • Subway and I parted ways because there were no restaurants on the island where I taught in Alaska. We had to have food shipped in or pay an arm and a leg for it at the ONE store. Everyday I had a turkey sandwich, baby carrots with a Laughing Cow wedge, and an apple. :). Yummy!

  1. You’re moving to Jax? I lived there for 7.5 years. You’ll have to hit me up – you want the best sammich in town? Angie’s all the way, it’s an old gas station turned sub shop. It makes Subway seem like garbage. I mean it.

    Oh I love love love Jax, I hope you love it there too!!

    • Awesome! My husband thanks you for the sammich recommendation! We have only looked around the general area, so any other suggestions are greatly welcomed! I think we are going to LOVE it there!

      • Holler at me once you know what part of town you’ll be living in. Do you kow much about the area? If you want help knowing which commutes/etc. are okay, send me a message any time. – Once y’all know where you’ll be working, you can know where to look for places to live.

        Or, if you don’t know where you’ll be working yet I TOTALLY recommend living out at the beach – Neptune Beach being my most favorite place in Jax that I ever lived. The Southside is great too- you have access to everything in the world over there. The north parts, like Avondale and Riverside may be a bit pricier, but they are so cool – that’s where it’s all boutiques and community gardens and whatnot.

        But Neptune Beach – oh man, I used to live on South Street, and I was LITERALLY across the street from a Farmer’s Market (weekly, every saturday) and a community garden. People all ride bikes at the beach, to go everywhere. And there are strips of bars at both ends, in South Jax Beach and at the North end where Neptune Beach meets Atlantic Beach – so living in the center of Neptune, you’re equidistant to either end. So on a hot summer day you can bike over to Lemon Bar, THE summer spot to hit up for day drinking and people watching and get a Lemon Bar Freeze, a boozy slushie. There are some great places to eat and awesome dives in Atlantic beach. In Jax beach you have dives, clubs, nice pubs, tons and tons of places to eat.

        It’s just such a cool town. Downtown is also hoppin’ these days with some really cool night spots. The Five Points area and Riverside have great shopping too.

        Jax has it all – the arts, the fun, the community, the beaches. It’s big city access with a small town vibe, and the country is real close by.

        If you want to sound like a local, refer to going to the beach as “crossing the ditch” – there’s a river, The Intercoastal, that separates “the beach” from “the mainland,” so to ever get out to the beach you have to go over a bridge at some point. People who live out at the beach are very fussy about having to “cross the ditch.” Heh heh.

        For more good foodie spots, sporting goods, etc just drop me a line any time. I went to college at UNF (in Jax) and then I lived there for like 4ish years after I graduated. Some of my most bestest friends are still there- so if you’re Church shopping or looking for volunteer groups to meet up, I can give you some awesome friendly contacts for that kinds stuff too =)

        OH I LOVE JAX.

        sorries, i’m so excited!

        We just moved to Buffalo, from Hawaii (my hubs was military, so two years ago I left Florida for Hawaii, and last month we left Hawaii to come to New York) so I’m also in moving mode and conscious of all the things that go into figuring out your new way of life.

        If you want a good amount of space for a good price – look into rentals out at the beach. I lived in two different houses, both in different parts of Neptune Beach and my friends all lived in Atlantic Beach, and Jax Beach – and rental homes are super affordable. You can find 2, 3, 4 bedroom houses for the same money you’d be paying for an apartment on the southside (a nice apartment, there are cheaper places to live too).

        The homes at the beach do tend to be older… but we’re talking amazing porches, balconies, hardwood floors, outdoor showers, etc.

  2. I am on excitement overload! I am going to be contacting you ASAP via email to give you the 411 on my future location in Jacksonville. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

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