The Welcome Wagon and Goals

Happy Memorial Day to you, Fancy Oatmealers!  I hope you’re enjoying your holiday weekend, and that you find yourself BBQing some meat products and tasting juicy watermelon on this day.  I would like to send out a salute to all the men and woman of the Armed Forces who have devoted their lives to keeping America safe.

Well, the cat is out of the bag on the news about where Dear Hubby and I are looking to relocate:  Jacksonville, FL!

I know, I know.  I can hear you already: Why don’t you get a little variety in your life?  You always choose the same type of place over and over again!  I don’t think we could have picked a more opposite climate than if we were offered teaching jobs on the sun!

On Sunday afternoon, Dear Hubby and I landed at the Jacksonville International Airport, but the red carpet and 24/7 news coverage wasn’t for us.  Look what else decided that Memorial Day weekend was the best time to vaca in northern Florida:

Not exactly what I was hoping would be in the 5 Day Forecast.

Now, it could be that the storm was overrated and people were trying to make a mountain out of a thunderstorm, or I’m getting to be a much heavier sleeper because I did not hear one rumble or one raindrop last night as the storm struck.  I was surprised because there were power outage warnings at our hotel and channel-to-channel coverage.  Dear Hubby and I were going to go explore the town, but felt we should stay close to home since torrential rain and 55-65mph winds aren’t very accommodating conditions; it was almost as if we were over….a…..Beryl.

At least Ryan gets my humor.

In running news, I have less than one week to finalize my training for Sunday’s half marathon, and I was really stoked (who was I trying to be just then??) that our hotel has a couple of fantastic treadmills in their fitness center.  You never really can rely too much on the advertisement for hotel fitness centers, and a lot of times you get a lot of lemons; this was not the case here.  I was able to get in a five mile run that felt really comfortable on my legs.

It definitely was one of my faster runs, but it didn’t feel like it, so I’m happy.  I’m also thrilled to have met my May running goal of 110 miles 3 days early!

Tomorrow is shaping up to be another busy day of exploration and new beginnings.  I wish you the best and have an enjoyable day!


4 thoughts on “The Welcome Wagon and Goals

  1. Hooray for Florida!! And Beryl-not really! 🙂

    Good luck on your half-marathon. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to do one-maybe if I go ahead and sign up for one it will make me accountable to train for it.

    I’m doing the 5k Color Run in B’ham, AL on Labor Day-can NOT wait for that one! 🙂


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