The Next Step

Happy Sunday to all the lovelies who took time from their holiday weekend to check in with Fancy Oatmeal!

Shhh!  Snarky Oatmeal is still asleep, and I, Sentimental Oatmeal have taken over the blog!  So if you’re one who enjoys those ridiculous moving pictures and mocking commentary, this post probably isn’t for you.  But if you’ve just come down from a Nicholas Sparks novel, this is probably more your speed, and you are welcomed with open arms.

It’s been just shy of one complete week that Dear Hubby and I have been back in Michigan, and yet it feels as if the time has been much shorter.  Perhaps it’s because of the three summers that we have spent either preparing for or returning from Alaska, this has seemed the busiest.  This is saying a lot because exactly two years ago yesterday, I was one month shy of my wedding day.

All of the hustle and bustle was worth it then, and I am banking on it being true for the Summer 2012 as well.

One might think because of all the good things I’ve done to maintain my planner, life wouldn’t seem like such a whirlwind for me.  That same person might also assume that just because I jot down a few notes and outline my plans that I still have somewhat of a grasp of control on my life.  I have learned, and continue to be a student of the philosophy that there is a much higher power out there who is pulling the strings, and I must let go, and let God.

As you may know, Dear Hubby and I made the decision not to return to St. Paul Island in the fall for a third year.  It was incredibly difficult to turn down contracts, tell our colleagues/friends, and break the news to our students.  We could manage to do all these things, heavy heart included, because we knew that there was a next step lurking in the shadows for us.  It was, remains to be, unclear as to which direction that step is going to take us.

Part of the reason why I no longer write in pen, but rely on my trusted eraser, is that at this time of our lives, Dear Hubby and I know that it’s important to be flexible and keep an open mind.  Hence the cause for so much commotion in our schedules as of late.  I will share more with you next week, but we have had some wonderful opportunities present themselves to us, and had Dear Hubby and I been unwavering in our original plans, these opportunities would have found themselves on the cutting room floor.

There is a next step for my family; it’s been made clear to us in the course of our hectic past few days, and it seems that as the fog is clearing that our summer will continue to bustle.  I cannot wait to share with you, over the next few posts, as to the direction that we are pointed towards.  My advice to you, to any young person who is just leaving the nest, and to the young girl who is scared of change that is hiding behind these powerful words as I type them, is simply this:

Keep an open mind and an open heart; never shut doors to your past or potential futures.  Keep a box of tissues close, your loved ones closer and just take that next step.  Quit trying to control what is out of your hands and enjoy the ride.


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