Falling Back Into Place

Happy Monday, All!

I can safely say that I will be glad to put as much time and space between myself and an airplane.  Our flights were smooth, just too many in a 24 hour period.

Flying is for the birds.

What a fantastic way to begin the week: waking up in your childhood-ish bedroom, drinking coffee before the sunrises, and getting in a powerful 6 mile run!

You’ll have to excuse me for a lack of photos; I’ve been taking in all the new stimuli of being back at home in Michigan.  The thought keeps running through my head, “Oh man, I should take a photo of/this belongs in my blog, but I Can’t.Be.Stopped.Must.Eat.More.Fresh.Produce.”  I’m sure you’ll forgive me as time goes by and I am uploading more pictures of mundane food items than the author of 1001 Recipes for Saltines and White Bread.  Please don’t take my cookbook idea from me.

Anyways, what I do have for you is a list of all the wonderful things I’ve been able to experience since returning to Michigan that the average person would rather shove off onto someone else’s shoulders:

  • Rode in a car that was traveling over 30mph AND for over a 5 minute period of time;
  • Answered my cell phone and responded to text messages;
  • Opened and recycled the cardboard from some packages that I received in the mail that I did NOT ship from Alaska;
(My Boilermaker Road Race training shirt arrived in the mail.  Owning the race t-shirt is half the battle of any race.)
  • Made my own coffee this morning, and drank it while watching the local news;
  • Wrote down and purchased all the items on a grocery list in quantities that should last me through the week and not the next month and a half +;
  • Flipped through some curriculum books that I ordered in the Spring:
  • Commented on the price of gas as being “cheap;”
  • Unpacked four suitcases worth of clothing and put 3.5 of the contents into “Winter Clothes” storage;
  • Scanned the isles of a bookstore (or the book section of a super store…whatevs)
  • Made plans to get a pedicure tomorrow afternoon
My thoughts exactly!

Ah, such is the life of a rebel gypsy like me.

Oh!  And since the name of this blog is Fancy OATMEAL, I thought I should share with you a great discovery that I made when looking for a quick, easy breakfast for the bonus morning we spent on the island.

It’s a new line of Quaker Oatmeal called Real Medleys.  I chose the Summer Berry Oatmeal flavor:

I was a little hesitant to purchase a pre-flavored oatmeal, but since it was only going to be one morning without my trusty traditional flare, I decided to give it a shot.  I sure am glad that I did.  It was much easier than adding in my own ingredients; you just add boiling water and in 1,2,3 you’ve got breakfast!

The taste wasn’t overly sweet, and there was no after-taste like you get with some packaged oatmeal, and the nutritional information was pretty pleasing as well:

Quaker offers three more flavors that you might enjoy:


I am in no way being compensated for my opinion by Quaker or any other company.  However, I am not too proud to take a free sample or two as a thank you for spreading the word.

2 thoughts on “Falling Back Into Place

  1. I was watching your status updates and was overjoyed that you both made it home safely! 🙂

    I have never heard of Quaker’s new oatmeal—Tim and I will definitely have to try them. They look yummy! We are big oatmeal people too. I just wonder how many weight watchers points they will be.

    Anywho, glad you both are home and let me know when you two want to hang out! 🙂

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