Friday’s Luck

*Let me preface this post by saying that I was attempting to post it on Friday night, but as you read on, you’ll find out why the best laid plans suck*


The bad news: our flight from St. Paul to Anchorage was cancelled at 5:30 pm last night.

The good news: I’m alive and in good health due to the diligence of the airline and not flying in foggy weather.


The bad news: we handed over the keys to both our house and car yesterday afternoon, leaving us virtually homeless.

The good news: the Key Master for St. Paul School employees was still in the building when we discovered that we would be staying another night in Chez Ferrari.


The bad news: our cupboards and refrigerator are 100% empty.

The good news: the A.C. Store was still open, and their shelves were stocked.


The bad news: we shipped our Dish Network receiver home Friday, just after checking in for the flight that was cancelled.

The good news: I really, really, really liked reading without having to compete with ESPN in the background.


The bad news: I didn’t run yesterday because I thought I would be in Michigan to get in an afternoon run once we got home.

The good news: I ran 6 miles this morning and walked to the store to buy more provisions.


The bad news: I forgot to buy coffee.  I got a caffeine-withdrawal headache.  I walked to the store this morning so I would be there as the doors were unlocked for business.

The good news: Folgers makes single-serving bags.  I’ve had three cups.


The bad news: We are carless and had to run errands.

The good news: I was able to put an end mark on my time on St. Paul Island by walking and taking in the beauty of the scenery and oceanic scent.


The bad news: We’re leaving today.

The good news: We’re leaving fuller than when we arrived.

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