Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday to all my favorite Fancy Oatmeal readers.  Yea, I’m talking to you.  You know who you are.  Oh yea.

Anyway, this Monday is just a little less horrid than all the others this year, or at least I wasn’t so eager to evade this morning because it’s our last on St. Paul.  I’m still in a tug-o-war of emotions about it, but just like most relationships that end, you tend to romanticize the good times, forgetting the nights of tear-stained pillow cases.  Right now, I am reflecting on Friday night’s graduation ceremony and the pride that I felt watching our five seniors turn their tassels.  What a great time of life.

Anyways, the last weekend that Dear Hubby and I spent on the island was filled with a couple of runs:




multiple trips to the Post Office to ship our goods back home, leaving our house to look like Old Mother Hubbard’s:

I also spent a lot of time reading, and finished the second John Green book in a row, Looking for Alaska (2005).  I fell in love again, and I’m afraid that this left a very high level of expectation for the following book, The Hate List (2009) by Jennifer Brown.

It wasn’t that the book was poorly written, it just was not as moving as the previous two.  It is on my May Reading Challenge list, so I am insistent upon finishing it, no matter how much I want to read something else.  I also have the novel, I, Iago to read, but because I am really looking forward to reading it, I may put it off until starting the third John Green book I have on the Kindle, An Abundance of Katherines (2006).  I think it’s only fair.

Trust me, after a busy Saturday like this past one, I will be looking forward to a REAL Saturday at the end of this week.

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