Three Things

Happy Wednesday, Wide World of Fancy Oatmeal Reading!

I hope that this hump day finds you healthy, wealthy, and wise.  It finds me Hushed, Rushed, and Crushed.

Hushed: I am far less vocal at night due to my evening runs and reading marathons.  I’ve finished two night runs this week, which has allowed me to finish Insurgent and begin The Fault in Our Stars.

I’ve only really read the first two chapters of John Green’s novel about a young girl who has terminal cancer, but I can tell you that I already am falling in love with the voice that he utilizes to tell this tale.  With the level of commitment that I’m already showing signs of in the first 38 pages, I anticipate that I’ll be ready to share a review with ya’ll this week.


Rushed: It’s sort of funny, that Einstein “Theory of Relativity” thing; you know when everything seems to be based on your own perception, and time can either seem to go into slow motion

or zip past you like the Roadrunner?

Yea, well I must have accidentally leaned against the lever to switch things over into Warp Speed because I felt like I was having a panic attack this morning, thinking about all of the “loose ends” that Dear Hubby and I still have to attend to before we leave the island.

For example:

  • Sell our car
  • Pack the remainder of our schtuff
  • Change our mailing address with the Post Office and other various junk mail-sending entities
  • Clean out our classrooms
  • Something important that I am totally forgetting

Crushed:  As in my morning run today.  It was the first time all week where I felt like I didn’t need to keep pushing myself in order to reach my mileage goal.  It could have been due to the fact that I was fully rested, properly fueled, and focused on the idea of maintaining an even pace.

Overall I’m feeling really good about my runs this month,

and my pacing has been improving.  So this allows me to be able to focus on the “Rushed” and “Hushed” parts of my life.

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