Let the Waterworks Begin

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

I decided to take this morning off from running because I chose to run a few extra miles last night after work.  It was just one of those days where I knew that if I didn’t blow off some steam, I would probably end up saying something I would regret or eating enough carbs to fuel my runs for the next month.

What got me so worked up?  Well, after class yesterday, I was asked to sit in on two interviews for potential replacements for my job.  At first, and after a fistful of snotty tissues were thrown away, I thought this was a great idea since I had a good idea as to what my students would need in their next English teacher.  Ummm yea.  Nobody told me that it would also feel like my heart was being ripped out of my chest.

Yes, Dear Hubby and I were the ones who made the decision that we would no longer be teaching here, but still I was feeling rather territorial.  While I consider both candidates to be good in their own ways, I still found myself mentally giving them the finger and other such mature behavior.

But in all seriousness, and heartache, I am glad to have been there for the interview.

And it could have something to do with the Tale of the Missing Rope.

Picture it: my bookshelf for the past two years.

It’s a makeshift unit, held together by a series of knots.  Being an island in the Bering Sea, St. Paul is home to many commercial fishermen and my classroom full of future anglers.  I have one such young man in my middle school English class who has appointed himself Master and Keeper of the Knots.

He’s also a professional at using the different effects on my PhotoBooth program.

Almost everyday he inspects the knots that hold my bookshelves together, and reworks them to meet his standard.


Yesterday morning, I realized that one of the three ties were missing.  Noticing this, my knotsman responded:

Knotsman: I think it’s stable enough with two ties, Mrs. Ferrari.

Me:  If you say so.  I trust your judgement.

Knotsman: Yo, Ferrari?  Are you going to be taking this backpack to Michigan with you?

I use this daily to haul my laptop and other materials back and forth to school.

Me: Yea, I will.

Knotsman: Oh ok.

And that was the end of the conversation.  I thought perhaps he wanted me to leave it to him in my St. Paul School Former Teacher’s Will or something.  It wasn’t until the end of  class that I noticed what he had done.

Knotsman: You gotta make sure that you don’t’ take this off your backpack, Ferrari.

And then I was all:


The best Teachers Appreciation gift, ever.

3 thoughts on “Let the Waterworks Begin

  1. This post brought back so many memories of my teaching experience when I was in Florida and I was making the decision to leave. It is a very tough decision to make, especially because you get so attached to your students. One thing that I did was I made sure that I ended up giving them my home email address and had them exchange their home email address with me. I have stayed in touch with several of my students and plan on seeing them when I go to Florida the end of July/early August. In the end, my students completely understood why I had to leave but thankfully technology has allowed me to stay in touch with them and see them grow into young adults.

    • Well said, Ann! I am hoping to be able to stay in contact with many of them in the same way, too. I did that when Dan and I left Detroit and will be making plans to see some of our former students when we get back to Michigan.

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