What the Fuss is All About

Morning Workout:

Also,I did three sets of the Six Pack Abs workout.

I was amazed that I was able to divert my attention away from my new obsession,the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.  Monday, I finished the first book, Fifty Shades of Grey, and wrote a review even though I was, and am, a little timid about sharing with the world my tawdry literary choice.  Well baby, I’m over it!  I finished the sequel, Fifty Shades Darker last night and dove straight into the third, Fifty Shades Freed.

So what is all the fuss about?  What does this book that other books don’t have?  The attention of hundreds of thousands of women who are desiring a man more like Christian Grey, that’s what! Men of America, the challenge is on.

Dear Hubby noted that the last time that he saw me this involved with a novel/trilogy was when I devoured The Hunger Games in little over a week and a half.  It’s gotten to the point where I carry my Kindle around with me, and even if I have a spare five minutes, I’m back in the world where an awkward, mousy brunette can turn the head of a gorgeous, successful, million/billionaire.

Can you really take away the money (Dear Hubby’s biggest issue with Christian Grey’s swoon factor, after being totally made up in the mind of an author who wants to sell millions of books) and still have the leading man in Fifty Shades of Grey still be the lust candy of the month?  I say yes!

Top Ten Reasons Why Christian Grey is America’s Sweetheart

1.  He’s successful:  Without much background information, we find out that Christian Grey has spent the majority of his young adulthood as a wealthy business tycoon.  It seems he’s got the Midas Touch when it comes to his career moves.

2.  He’s a babe:  Throughout the trilogy, Anastasia Steele refers to how swept away she becomes in Christian’s good looks; his copper hair, chiseled abs, muscular upper body, and the way that his PJ pants hang in “that way” that makes him irresistible.

3.  He’s self assured: Confidence is sexy on a man, no doubt about it.  And Christian Grey has the goods to back it up.  Without coming off as an arrogant prick (at least not to the ladies) he is able to total consume whatever room he enters, or woman for that matter…oh my!

4.  He’s a man’s man:  Going along with reason #3, Christian is able to hold his own in any situation, commands attention, is knowledgeable about fine wine, art, automobiles, and drips with sophistication.  As far as dancing, he’s light on his feet. dances.  ::Swoon::

5.  He’s protective – a white knight:  This is one of the key character traits that gets exposed throughout the novels.  Say what you want, but the idea of the man in my life showing concern for my safety, challenging other men if they dare look at me in the wrong way is hot as hell!

6.  He’s knowledgable in the right area:  Bedroom.  Enough said.

7. He’s independently wealthy:  Uh, duh.

8.  He’s a gentleman: Opening doors and other such swoon-inducing behavior.

9.  He’s damaged:  There is nothing that a woman loves more than someone to care for; it’s in our nature.  Despite all the above mentioned reasons, the fact that a man so well put together has not flaws but scars and ghosts to overcome, and wants the woman in his life to help him do so makes him ever so much more enticing.  There is not one woman can deny the ache of their heart when we learn of Christian’s past and want to be his savior.

10.  He’s unobtainable:  This is the key.  We will never be the one to deal with Christians issues, so we can desire to save him.  We will never be the one who is dominated by his control issues, so we are willing to submit to it.  Christian Grey will never put restrictions on where we can go or whom we can see, so we find logic in his boundaries.  And finally, and most important to my theory, he is not real.  His behavior, the way he treats his lady love is something that will always be in our fantasies, and that’s what makes it a fantasy.  Something to dream about, even accuse our husbands of not living up to, but it will always be there.  Once you reach the peak of Mt. Everest, what more is there to do?  Savoring in the unobtainable is what keeps us alive and willing to seek out more.

And you don’t have to take only my word on this.  I read a wonderful article by Jenny Isenman on the Huffington Post entitled, “I Cheated  on my Husband with Christian Grey.”

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