Nail in the Coffin

Just to make sure that all of my followers lose complete interest in this blog, I simply HAVE to share these with you.  And if you’re still one of the people who hasn’t read these books (besides my parents – DON’T PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!) maybe this will be enough to put you over the edge to do so.

Please, to enjoy!

And probably my favorite:

4 thoughts on “Nail in the Coffin

  1. Omg! Love it. Hooked on the smut too! I feel so guilty now that I am a mother!! TeeHee
    On a side note, I meant to leave a response to your blog that had our lovely picture on it…I LOVE that pic! Will you email it to me? Can’t wait to see you next Month xoxo

    • You definitely should, and if you think your 65 year old mother was weird, I just talked to my boss and her husband about them over lunch…awkward!

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