Fifty Shades of Embarassed

Welcome to another week, Fancy Oatmeal readers!

You’ll have to excuse this rushed post – I have a secret to share with you.  I am really kind of embarrassed to share with you that I’ve been reading, and solidly hooked, on the novel, Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James.

I have been hearing about this book for quite some time, I fully understood the descriptor of, “romance novel for adult women.”  Ok, well if it’s on the New York Time’s Best Sellers list then it can hardly be your run of the mill, tawdry romance novel, right?


I started reading at 2pm on Sunday afternoon, and forced myself to stop at 11pm.  I woke up at my normal time to run this morning, but read for the entire two hours before it was time to get into the shower.  Yea, it’s that page-turning.

I’ll get to my review once I’ve finished reading this thing, but my GAWD I’m almost embarrassed to write it.  I barely had the nerve to share with you guys that I read the damn book.  And now my mother knows I’ve read such things?!?!  SHAME SHAME SHAME!  But will that stop me from finishing the trilogy? Um no.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’ll write a proper blog post after I’ve gotten to the end of the first novel.  Until then, SHHHH!


3 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Embarassed

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  2. Ha. That bad Amanda?

    Would this book sorta compare with “Peyton Place?” Ha.

    When PP became available in stores all over the country, my goodness, there was so much neg gossip about it. Of course I was a little girl. Not sure how this book arrived into our household, but, my dad hid the book in our china cabinet.

    In the years to follow, every-so-often I would read a few pages. Not sure what the uproar was all about.

    I never read the entire book. Maybe I should. Most likely 50SOG is on another level entirely.

    Seeing PP (film) numerous times, (was on cable the other night …. wanted to watch …. but sleep got the best of me) I’ve found it to be great entertainment. Nothing raunchy whatsoever. Love seeing Lana Turner + all those young and gorgeous faces! That was an amazing time.

    Curiosity gets the best of us …. so, the plug you are sorta making for 50SOG is enticing. Got to check it out for meself!

    • Let’s just say it made me blush while I was alone, in my own home. I’ve never read Peyton Place, but have heard about it from a few friends…maybe I’m on a slippery slope and will read that next =)

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