Field Trips and Busy Saturdays

It’s the freakin’ weekend, Readers of Oatmeal who are dually Fancy!  (I’m reaching on that one, I know)

Anyways, I have been overachieving in two areas lately: productivity and impromptu field trip planning.  Let’s start things off with Friday.

You know we all have those days where if we have to do the same, mundane process one more time you might scream?  Yea, well I was far from yelping, but I definitely was in the market for a change of scenery, and if I was you know damn well my students were too.  We have three weeks of school let, so it was time to bring out the big guns: a field trip.  With the words, “enjoy your last days on the island to their fullest,” that’s just what we did.

How does one plan a field trip on the fly when you live on an island without any attractions for the people who have lived in the area their entire lives?  You go for a walk.  You let THEM be the tour guide.  So that’s just what we did.

I have gone on the walk a dozen or more times since moving to St. Paul Island, but never with this particular group of students.  I have five 8th graders, and one visiting fro our sister island, St. George: the perfect size group for an outing.  We walked to the seal blinds AKA “Reef.”  And because of the gorgeous weather and strong desire to scare the shit out of their teacher adventurous student body, we were able to experience the landscape in all new ways.

I can’t tell you how much this walk meant to me; the time with my students meant to me.

Friday night, there was a fundraiser for the St. Paul Fire Department.  It was our first big, meal-based event in quite some time. Can you say, “Date Night”?!?!?!

A lot of the town showed up, and the firehouse was blessed in a touching ceremony conducted by Fr. Isaac.  Afterwards awards were presented to several people for their bravery and dedication for all the efforts the night of the big fire back in the beginning of the year.

Again, the weather made life more awesome (high 30s and NO snow), so let the BBQing begin!  I had a hamburger and homemade brownie; Dear Hubby had everything else.  If I didn’t know that he would have chosen a french bread pizza, I would have confused this for his Last Meal order.

This morning, I knew that I had two big tasks to complete: a long run and packing more boxes to be shipped home.  I am VERY pleased with the outcome of both.

Around 11, I began my 9 mile run, and only had to stop once for the phone.  We’re selling some of our appliances and a little extra scratch is more important that distance running.

I decided to read instead of watch old episodes of Survivor.  I am in the middle of the sequel to the YA novel Delirium, entitled Pandemonium.  It has an interesting premise of love being a disease that can be cured, and the plot development continues to intrigue me.  I am enjoying how the chapters are broken down into flashbacks and present-tense scenes.  It made the 1:09:48 seconds FLY by.  I checked in with my iPod nano, assuming I was around mile 4.5, but in reality it was 6.75.  Told you I was FLYING!


After devouring two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and carrots with hummus, I went with Dear Hubby to the post office to say “bye bye” to our belongings.  We packed seven boxes of STUFF to be shipped home.

I came home, vacuumed, sold a little more stuff, and sat down to blog.  I’m so damn multitalented, I don’t know how I’m capable of such things.


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