Welcome to the weekend, Fancy Oatmeal Readers!

I need to first update you on the last few days of the Bering Sea Days 2012 – I got nothin’.  Well the truth is, and hopefully this isn’t TMI, but I wasn’t there because I couldn’t take three steps away from the toilet for the majority of Thursday and Friday.  Another epic fail on the part of my immune system and keeping up the firewall from germs that seem to circulate around the school faster than teenage gossip.

This morning, I was feeling MUCH better and had a strong desire to get back to the treadmill.  I was scheduled to get in 8 miles, and I promised myself as many breaks, bathroom or not, as I needed to reach my goal.  I’m right in the middle of watching Survivor: Gabon, and I knew that I would need to watch at least an episode to meet the mileage I was going to run.  Fair enough.  Hit play. It’s on!


My splits seem to be getting more consistent, and I’m pleased with that.

It seems as if my longer runs are easier to pace out than the shorter ones.  Not sure why that is.  Perhaps it’s because I know that longer distances mean that I will be running longer – plain and simple, those mental times that I attempt to calculate where I am in my run, I simply know that I am not going to be done running yet.  Keep up the pace.

Afterwards, I iced my ankles for a good 30 minutes, then switched to my knees for another 15.

While I was moving some stuff around last night, I found the booklet of instructions that came with my camera.  I’m not much for directions for things I can figure, mostly, for myself so the instructions were shoved in a drawer at the end of the hallway.  I thought it might be fun to start using the self-timer option on the camera.  Turns out, it has two different settings: 2 second delay or 10 seconds.  I wish they would have had a happy medium of say, 5 seconds.  Trying to pose just right in 2 seconds was highlarious!  I didn’t save any of those pics because blurred close ups of my forearm aren’t blog-worthy.  10 seconds for an individual person is about 6 seconds too many.

Here are some of my highlights:

In other news, I’ve decided to start up another blog.  This one is going to be solely dedicated to my teaching life.  I’ve decided to call it “A Lit Candle.”  Get the pun?  Lit = past tense of “to light” AND Lit = abbreviation for literature.  Oh yea!  That’s from the part of my brain that WASN’T under my soft spot!  Check it out.  Please.  I beg you.

7 thoughts on “Discoveries

  1. Your split times do look really good. Do you normally warm up before the treadmill? Or hop on and go? Anyways…You are feeling better and had a great run!

    • I typically walk for about 5-10 minutes at 4.0 speed before running, depending on how much time I have. This is after I do a 5 minute stretching session. I’ve also been doing A LOT more squats and wall sits in my other life.

  2. I find this stuff interesting, more of the “mental” approach to training. I really enjoyed reading your new blog and look forward to more of your book reviews! The little dude and I are going through Star Wars books at the moment, nothing too crazy 🙂

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