Weekend Wrap Up Quesadilla Style

Happy Monday to my Fancy Oatmeal Readers!  And a very happy, belated Easter wish to all of my Russian Orthodox friends!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend, and have been able to relax and get rejuvenated for the upcoming week.

I must warn you that there is very little that will hold this post together, thematically.  Very anti thematic.  Themeless.  I mean to say, without a theme.  Alright.  I’m done.  So I’m just going to rattle off some stuff that happened this weekend, and hope that I don’t induce a tedium coma.

1.  Dear Hubby and I finished season two of Downton Abbey (yes, I had to backspace there too) on Saturday morning.  Usually, I try to get my run in before 10am at the latest, but we had two more episodes to go, and one must make exceptions when the fate of Downton is at stake.   As the credits rolled, I was all

I don’t know if Simon and I’ll be able to make it to January for the third season.

2.   I collected myself after the amazing season finale, and jumped on the treadmill.  I pumped out a 7 mile run, something I haven’t done in over a month.

I felt really good throughout this run.  I started getting a little rumble in my stomach around mile 6, and knew that I would have to start preparing myself for these types of urges as the runs got longer.  I needed to figure out a way to deal with this situation.  Perhaps a new running technique?

Mind over matter.  I repeated to myself, “My body is content.  My body is calm” over and over again.  Eventually I was so wrapped up in my mantra that I forgot about having to use the restroom and crossed “the finish line” at 54:46.

On Sunday, I planned on running an Easy Run of 3-4 miles.  Once I got my legs pumping, I felt so good at that pace that I kept it up and turned it into a 40 minute Tempo Run.

3. After my run, I decided to treat myself with a little something special.  I wasn’t sure what to fix until Dear Hubby started talking about Taco Bell, and then it hit me!  I could make chicken quesadillas better than any fast “food” chain!

It was pretty simple, and I’m sort of irritated with myself that I didn’t realize how quickly this meal could go together.


And I had all the ingredients in the house = rarity.

How to Make a Quesadilla for Dummies:

Heat a pan to about medium high heat.  I have a Misto sprayer, but you can use some sort of cooking spray to coat the pan.  Place one tortilla shell on the pan, and sprinkle a layer of cheese on top of the tortilla.  We also have a lot of canned chicken breast, so I threw some of that onto the tortilla as well.

 In my mind, you need to have a layer of cheese, then whatever other filling material, and then MORE cheese to complete the sealed quesadilla.  Since we don’t have an official machine that would compress the two tortillas together, the cheese is vital…probably not true at all.

Slap on the second tortilla and press the living daylights out of your quesadilla.  Think SPANX.

Pressing around the outside edges helps to seal the tortillas together with the help of that adhesive cheese.

It only takes about two minutes per side and an obsessive amount of checking to make sure that you don’t burn your quesadilla.

Once you’re satisfied with the level of grilling, slip that baby on to a plate and slice ‘er up!  I recommend using a pizza cutter for equal-est division of slices.

How was your weekend?  Anything fun or exciting happen?

Ever come up with a recipe idea on the fly? What was it?

5 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up Quesadilla Style

  1. Really like the new look around here…Yes the old one was pretty cool as well. Your idea for the quesadilla’s is spot on! On occasion we will catch ourselves before ordering out for pizza and make one at home instead…Pizza bagels!!!

    • Thanks – I felt like the ol’ blog needed a little Spring Fling! My husband and I make mini pizzas on Sandwich Thins by placing them under the broiler – makes me happier than shelling out $$ on Dominos

  2. Food looks good ….. but ……

    Before you use the canned chicken do you rinse and drain well? Sodium content is killer.

    Especially when using other salted products …. yikes, way much salt.

    Kids love these cut in little triangles ….. dipped!!

    Let’s enjoy ….. !

    • Oh you are so right about rinsing off the chicken! I didn’t include that, but I probably should have. I always rinse the canned chicken when I use it. Thanks for the reminder!

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