Lost and Found


I’ve been looking forward to this Friday all week long because it’s an in-service day for teachers as this is the Russian Orthodox’s Good Friday.  You all know that I’m a morning person, and getting as much checked off my list of “Things to Accomplish” before the noon hour has always been my favorite way to spend a “free day.”  Considering our students are at home, snugged in their beds, I’ll have the ruckus-free time to tie up loose ends, straighten up crooked corners, and decompress from the week in peace.

I woke up this morning at my usual time, which some may consider odd since I could have slept in an extra 45 minutes due to our later start.  But that would have been almost an hour cozied up on the couch that would have been wasted.  It’s that 45 minute extension that I have been dreaming about adding onto my usual morning routine that gets blasted away because of a stupid A.M. workout.  And so that’s just what I did.

I had another near-hooky day with my workout.  Scheduled, I had three miles and a lower-body workout.  My left calf has been a little funky lately, so I knew that no matter what, I wouldn’t be running today.  Instead, I did a Full Body 100 Reps Workout:

This workout was the Real Deal!  I think that those Cardio Blasts really kicked it up a notch.  The part that was the most challenging for me were the V-Ups.  Here is a great video that shows what you’re supposed to do.  I ended up doing more like “@” Ups.

Switching topics as quickly as I change my mind about doing a workout, yesterday I was flipping through some old photos and found this old gem:

I chucked at how witty and clever I am, and then it dawned on me: I have zero clues as to where those pair of Puma capri pants are.  I have not seen them or worn them in literally months!

My heart skipped a beat or two, and I immediately jumped off the couch to scout them out.  It turns out that I had hidden them from myself when I attempted to implement a new organizational scheme in my dresser.

What a fool I am.

Have you ever “hidden” something from yourself?


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