Something New and Something Old

Morning Workout

3 miles @ 24:14 – avg 8’05” per mile

+ 14Day Abs Challenge & Sexy Leg Workout

I could not be more bright-eyed, and my tail could not be bushier this morning.  Why? I finally caught up on all that sleep I’ve been bitching about lately.  After I filled my tummy with chicken stir fry last night, I felt my eyelids begin to add on the pounds.

“What the H?” I thought to myself.  “It’s only 6:00pm.  I know I’m an oddball for getting up so early, but this is ridiculous!”

Dear Hubby was watching the NCAA Championship game between the Kentucky Wild Cats and Kansas Jayhawks, so there was no real reason for me to stick around the living.  The same rule I apply for children goes for sporting events: “If it ain’t mine, it ain’t cute.”

Granted, exceptions can be made, but the minute that bodily functions become involved, it’s YOUR kid and I’m out.

Anyways, I decided to go lay down in the bedroom and catchup on some “Celebrity Apprentice” since the executives at NBC find it necessary to turn forty-five minutes of arable footage into three hours!  I believe the last time I looked at a clock it was maybe 6:35pm.  I slept through until my alarm went off this morning.  And that my dears is the story of how I officially became an old lady.

Wise words, indeed.

Because I was so full of pep this morning, I decided to take a cue from one of my favorite bloggers, Julie @ Peanut Butter Fingers, and create my own Workout page on the blog.  I broke down the page into two categories: My Daily Workout and Strength Training.  You can check them both out here, or at the top of the page.

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