April Goals Streak: One Day

Happy Monday, Fancy Oatmealites!

I’m proud to say that I was successful at accomplishing all of my April goals yesterday:

  • I ran 5 miles, scratching off my “Long Run” of the week
  • I completed a round of the “14 Day Abs Challenge” both Sunday and this morning
  • I read the entire prologue of the second book in the Game of Thrones series,  A Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire.

I did not run this morning, but I had not planned on it; I switched my Friday Rest Day to today.  And here’s why:

I feel as though I have seen more daylight this weekend than most.  For some odd reason, I woke up at my usual, weekday time on Saturday morning (4am – don’t judge me) and stayed awake until 10pm.  No naps. No caffeine after 10am. No sense at all.  Sunday morning I woke up around 8am, so I guess I caught up on my sleep from the previous night, but this put me in a damn disadvantage for Sunday night.  Typically, I fall asleep around 9ish, but last night I was staring at the clock until well past 11:30.

I’m like a damn newborn: I can’t get on a regular sleeping pattern to save my life these days.  I wish I had someone to read me stories until I fell asleep.

Perfect.  And if that doesn’t work, I’m sure staying awake for 28 hours in a row at a middle/high school lock-in should do the trick.

What do you do when you have trouble sleeping?

Lie there in agony and count the number of minutes I might be able to get if I go to sleep RIGHT NOW.

2 thoughts on “April Goals Streak: One Day

  1. I’m pretty sure the only thing that ever helps me is exercising more… which can be tough when I’m already working out moderately. Sorry I can’t be more helpful! 🙂 Hope you get some sleep soon!

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