April Goals

Welcome back into my life, April!  This month is one of those that stand out just on principle.  There’s no grand reason why I love April so much other than it signifies that Spring is really in the air,  and Summer Vacation is right around the corner.  Oh yea, and that cute rhyme, “April Showers Bring May Flowers.” Anytime the name of a month kicks off a seasonal change reminder, you know you’ve got something swell.

Before officially jumping into a new month, a few thoughts about March.

I am disappointed that my longest run of March was 6 miles, compared to February’s 9 and January’s 13.1.  I put full blame on the flu for decimating my energy and will to live.

Now that I’ve put in two solid weeks of rebounding effort into climbing out of the March abyss, I am ready for April.

And because April is one of my favorite months, a special set of goals shall be cast in stone set.

Running: I am still in the beginning weeks of training for my half marathon on June 3rd, but it’s time that I kicked things up a notch.  Yesterday, I attempted to run some hill drills on the treadmill that didn’t get me very far.  I think I over estimated my conditioning, but that only means that I need to train more!


  • Run a total of 100 miles in April
  • One long run, one tempo, one hill, and two “fun” runs (fun = easy to medium pace(TWSS)) a week

Strength Training: I started, and will continue my 14-Day Abs Challenge.  I am on Day 5, and once the 14 days are up, I shall continue, but switch up the exercises.  I also need to add an additional set to each of my workouts.  I made the uneducated decision that it would be better to do a single set of exercises with the same weight I was using prior to getting sick instead of multiple sets with smaller weights.  I don’t know if that was right, but I now feel that I’m back to my old self.


  • 14-Day Abs Challenge throughout the month
  • Add an additional set of reps
  • Add in additional lower body routines

Reading: Since I have started running again, I decided to go cold turkey on reading while on the treadmill.  This has greatly reduced the amount of reading I’ve gotten done this past month.  Coinciding with my lack of reading was the introduction of the HBO series, “Game of Thrones.”  Dear Hubby has completely devoured each of the five, series based, 700+ page novels after watching the first season.  After giving the show a second chance, I really do want to read the novels now!  The genre is out of my usual scope, the dystopian/romance/YA realm, but one cannot argue with extraordinary literature.

Or the intoxicating Peter Dinklage.

Game of Thrones returns tonight for its second season.  I need to go get started on my first day of April goals so that I have plenty of time to sloth around on the couch for five hours mentally prepare for the premiere.

What are your goals for April?

Do you watch Game of Thrones? Are you as excited as I am to see where season two takes us?

6 thoughts on “April Goals

    • Good luck this month! Having concrete goals helps me, and I refer to them everyday, especially on the ones where I feel like being a gigantic sloth!

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