Shake and Bake

Morning Workout



I wish I could tell you that my run was better than my previous ones this week, but then I would be a liar, my pants would burst into flames, and I would most definitely start hanging from a telephone wire.  I made it through, however, and was proud that made I finished 4 miles and didn’t stop at 3.  I am still blaming it on my lungs; my legs and mind are in the right spots.  Baby steps back to wellness.

Speaking of not going anywhere fast…

Remember when I told you about our lovely snow drifts that tower over us?  How could you forget?  Well when the wind is between 0-15 mph, those drifts are actually quite helpful; they keep the driftable snow from creeping over into the road.  Last night we did not have those winds.  Last night we had the type of winds that practically shove snow into the roadways, rendering Dear Hubby and I almost helpless in our Ford Focus.

This morning we managed to get ourselves stuck in one such drift, but thankfully we had our next door neighbor with us who has a working cell phone.  A few rounds of phone tag, and our principal met us at our new lodging: the middle of the road.  I was behind the wheel, Dear Hubby, neighbor, and principal were at the rear shoving their hearts out as I revved the engine.  Slowly, the car crept out of the drift and I was able to find a clear spot to turn around.  The next maneuver would be a tricky one.

I had to back up the car as far as I could and blast through the drift, going the opposite direction that we had just come.  There was no moving forward towards the school as there was an even larger drift just ahead of this one.  I waited until the trio had moved out of the roadway, then put the car into drive.  With both hands gripping the steering wheel, I said a quick prayer and gunned it.

In my mind, I topped out at 80 mph as I glided past the onlookers.  Reality says I probably got to about 20mph and I almost did a 180 at the end of my run.  I was told it looked pretty awesome, so I’ll take credit for my bodacious driving skills.

Oh how I love an adrenaline rush before 7:30am


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