What’s Your Fantasy

Tonight, I dove into the world of fantasy…baseball that is.  I’ve participated in Fantasy Football for the past three years, and hold a warm place in my heart for it.  It’s really what endeared me to Dear Hubby; the fact that I could draft on my own and talk massive trash to a chat room full of cocky men is apparently attractive to men.

But I’m a football fan and have been so since the ripe young age of six when my dad introduced me to the lifelong burden heartache odyssey that is being a Detroit Lions fan.  I’m fairly new to the whole baseball schtick.  I do know the rules, appreciate a good game live, and with the encouragement of my husband, feel confident to finally have my own Fantasy Baseball team.

The draft was much different than what I am used to.  Typically I have been in a “Snake” style draft where each person is able to take their turn, choosing from the entire well of players of all positions.  Last night’s draft was an Auction draft, and each team was given an allotment of money to bid on baseball players that were nominated by each of the fantasy teams.  It was interesting because Dear Hubby and I were the only ones from Detroit, and all the others were from the east coast AKA WE LOVE THE RED SOCKS AND YANKEES!

Ugh!  Well you can have em!

It was funny because if I wanted the other players to spend a lot of money, allowing me more scratch to pick up my favs for a cheaper deal, all I had to do was nominate a baseball player from either the Yankees or Red Socks and just sit back to watch the feeding/bidding frenzy begin!

The highlight of my team is Miguel Cabrera.

If you don’t mind a few too many nips from the bottle, he’s pretty much (I’ve been told by my husband) the greatest baseball player.  I believe the term, “Jesus” has been dropped.  Not by me.  I want to get into Heaven.

Other notable names you might have heard of:

  • Ryan Braun – I heard he was considered to be the bachelor for a season of the show by the same name.  Kind of a cutie
  • Albert Pujols
  • Jered Weaver
  • Jose Reyes
The rest fall under the “You should bid on ______________,” said Dear Hubby category.

And my team’s name is also quite the bomb: Detroit Tigers Blood

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