The Ultimate Runner’s Guide

Because I feel as though I’ve only recently been able to take off my training wheels and become a (in my own mind’s definition) a runner, I am always on the lookout for tools and resources to improve my running.  Today I came across this Infographic on the website and HAD to share it with you.  Even if you’re not a runner, it has some interesting facts.  Plus it’s fun to look at all the colors!


5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Runner’s Guide

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  2. There is some great info here. I love that they include info on injuries and how to prevent them… that’s so key. Most people (like me) learn the hard way! Good for you for entering the world of running… it really becomes a part of you. And thanks for pinning my hummus wrap! 🙂

    • I thought this was a great way to give the VIPs – very important points – of running. And thank you for reminding me about how much I love the hummus/carrot wraps! YUM!

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