My Life is Number Two

Ummm not that number two, thank God!  It just seems like a string of twos has been appearing in my life lately, so I thought I would share my blog today with a “Number Two” theme.  Again, not that number two.

TWO days in a row I have had cruddy runs…wait, that sound horrific and inappropriate.  I mean that my previous two days of running have been subpar.  There, that’s better.  Tuesday I ran three miles and wanted to throw in the towel after a mile and a half, but I knew that I would be kicking my own butt for the rest of the day if I didn’t at least make it to two miles.  I held out to three miles, but it was a struggle.  Then this morning, I was going to push for four miles, you know psych myself up to being able to do it.  Yea, well I managed to log another three miles and my lungs were having a B.F. the entire time.  I know that I need to give myself a little bit of a break considering the big gap between my previous running streak and the new one.

What I noticed about my splits from Tuesday and today’s runs was that my last mile slowed down about 30 seconds on average.  I SHOULD be trying to save my energy for the burst at the end of a run, so that’s something to remember for tomorrow.

I’ve also been able to complete TWO days in a row of the 14 Day Abs Challenge:

It’s been a good workout to get myself back into the habit of doing ab work, which I try to do a little bit everyday to keep myself toit like a toiger AKA a Tigger body.

This morning, TWO of my students who I’m jealous of were lucky enough to be in Anchorage for the premiere of “Hunger Games” brought back a SUPER AWESOME gift for me:


In other two news, today we were supposed to wear school colors because after MANY years and MUCHO effort, the newly renovated gym will be reopened after a dedication ceremony.  New walls, lighting, pads, bleachers, and hardwood floors were installed over the first month of the second semester.  I will definitely share pictures with you all after the ceremony.

What the ::bleep:: does that have to do with the number two?

Hold your dang horses, Man!  I’m getting to it.  I wore my Student Council sweatshirt in honor of today.  Our slogan: too legit to quit.

That’s the wrong form of “two,” you nit wit!  And you call yourself an English teacher!


Nope.  Still wrong.  


Random question: What was the last REALLY good piece of fruit that you ate?

I ask this because we had an unusually awesome crop of oranges at the store over the past few days – so delicious!  I’ve been hiding them from Dear Hubby, and only bringing out one at a time so he won’t know that we still have them.  I don’t recall hearing the words “Share my citrus” in our vows, so I’m within my rights to do so.


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