Weekend Round Up

Happy Monday afternoon, Oatmealers.  I say “Happy” because it’s almost the end of Monday.  Normally, I don’t support Mondays, and today you’ll be hard pressed to find me say anything positive about those days of the week because I had an awfully difficult time falling asleep last night.  Perhaps I should redirect my aggravation with Mondays to Sundays because I am quite sure I’ll be able to get enough sleep tonight, what with my plan for an epic-ly early night for this gal.

A nap time would have been so grand today, but I am far too professional for all that.

But my poor night of sleeping should not be the defining event of my weekend.  The truth is that on Friday night I got caught up from my previous week’s lack of sleep by clocking in over 10 hours.  At some point I’ll get my sleep-pattern to even out.  Today ain’t that day.

So what else did I do this weekend?  I ran.  Saturday’s run was one of those that I just could not have planned any better.  I was able to slug off the sleepies and climb aboard the treadmill rested, fueled, and hot to trot.  I wanted to get my pace to be between medium and slow, but when the moment moves you, get to the toilet you gotta let the big dogs run.  And so I did:

Afterwards, I stretched for a significant amount of time, about oct-tuple what I usually do: 4 minutes.  My legs felt great, and so when I woke up to do my run on Sunday morning, I didn’t feel like I was paying the price for being irresponsible the day before.

Sidenote: Funny how life changes in only a handful of years.  Today when I talk about irresponsible behavior on a Saturday, I am talking about caring for my body after running/exercising.  Rewind the calendar a mere five years ago, and there would be raucous tales of drinks, dancing until the wee hours of the night, and dudes without faces or names.  I mean, I can’t believe some of the stuff my friends used to do!!!

Anyways, Sunday’s run was great, and I followed it up with my go-to/get-back-at-it abs workout:

Sunday’s run:

I mentioned last week about my technology issues and other Murphy’s Law crap, and so far I haven’t had the volume issue with my iPod.  I’m proud of myself for not having to rely on reading while running, but we shall see what longer runs bring.

In other awesome news, Dear Hubby and I woke up to this mess after a night-long blizzard:

When we drove to work, we drove down a one-lane tunnel of snow that dwarfed the Ford Explorer that navigated the snowy terrain.  There was no way our little Ford Focus would have made it out of the driveway, let alone all the way to school.  I’ll be sure to add some more Winter Wonderland photos after we get back home after school today.

That wasn’t the only gift the blizzard gave us.  Dear Hubby and I have been staring at this screen for the past 12 hours…

five minutes, my eye…

What is the weather like in your neck of the woods?

Do you ever have trouble falling asleep?  What do you do to calm your mind when your body needs to rest? 

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