26.2 Miles Worth of Racing

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Fancy Oatmealers!

I’ve never been a huge participant in this particular holiday, other than wearing green, which is really easy to do when you’re a Michigan State fan and half of your wardrobe encourages you to, “GO GREEN!  GO WHITE!”

Literally the shirt I’m wearing right now is commanding the same thing; if I weren’t three shades of disgusting from a week-long battle with the flu I’d snap a photo and share.  But whatever your thoughts and celebratory plans are for today, I wish you all the best!

Yesterday, I began feeling better, more energetic, and after reading three days worth of running blogs, I became inspired.  I became inspired to sign up for 26.2 miles of racing fun this summer.

Wait.  wait.  Hold your applause.  A little explanation is required.

Let it be known that I have absolutely ZERO desire to ever run 26.2 miles in one day (some weeks even), so no I did not sign up for a marathon.  I did, however, register for TWO HALVIES this summer!!!!

My first race of the summer will be:


I am not all that familiar with the neighborhoods that the race goes through, but thankfully the website had a very thorough description:

Um, wait.  What??

The second half marathon that I signed up for was “The Legend” that is hosted by the Sleepy Hollow State Park.

I Googled this race as the website didn’t offer a whole lot.  I am somewhat familiar with the park, especially because this is where I had my Senior pictures taken – sorry, no pictures of that are available.  While in my mindless internet piddling research, I found a few reviews from other bloggers.

According to John at Not Syncing, “The 13.1 mile course meanders around 410-acre Lake Ovid, crossing unkempt grassy fields between areas of densely forested terrain.  The elevation changes were mostly uninteresting, with just one uphill steep enough for me to walk a portion of it (and even that was only because I was being a wimp).  Compared to the trail run in May and my training runs in Saugatuck Dunes, the elevation changes were a non-issue.”  He also included this photo of the course:

The folks over at Faster Than Forty also wrote a raving review of the course, and I was encouraged to hear that, “The Legend is the perfect first-time trail race,” said race director Randy Step. “It’s not as difficult as many trail events and there’s no huge elevation change.”  Thank you for not being a hilly hog like the DX-AA.

“The runners go around Lake Ovid as well as other, smaller lakes in the park. The race can get a bit dirty considering there are some muddy and wet areas, but getting dirty is half the fun. There are few short-steep hills as well, but none that are so long that they will bring about cardiac arrest.”



6 thoughts on “26.2 Miles Worth of Racing

  1. When is the second one, Amanda? Tim would be interested in doing both half marathons even if they are challenging. Let me know. 🙂

    • Great!!! The Legend is on August 4th. You can also use the site Active.com to search for other races, and maybe there will be a few 5k, 10k, or 15ks that we could do as well.

      • Hm. That might be when the honeymoon is–we are still in the works of figuring out the honeymoon. I will keep you updated if he will do it. I will definitely put Active.com as a favorite on my laptop. There is going to be a 5K run for the Farmington Freedom Festival July 20th or July 21st. We are going to run in that one. Do you and Dan want to join us?

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