Cat Scratchy Throat Fever

I wish I could say that I’ve wracked up 210+  miles and 73,000 sit-ups in the past few days, but that’s not why I’ve dropped 3lbs since Sunday morning.  I’ve got the Cruddy Cold Croup: fever, throat a’flame, breathing out of one nostril 45% of the time, and the appetite of a runway model with ADD off her meds.

I totally forget to eat too….yea, not even close.

Anyways, this is my Comfort Command Center, fully stocked with all the elements that a girl would need to recover.

As well as my supplies that should help shock my system back to well-enough-to-be-back-to-work normal.

These are just a substitute for what all people need when they’re sick: their moms.

2 thoughts on “Cat Scratchy Throat Fever

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