Rules for Teachers

Thank you, Andrew Paulson via Pinterest for this little gem!

If I were to write a list of rules for teachings in Bush Alaska, it might go a little something like this:

Rules and Tips for Teachers in Bush Alaska, 2012

  1. The Noah’s Ark Rule: It’s better to come in two by two than single.  Bring along a mate to help make the transition of lifestyle go more smoothly.
  2. Your dance card should be full of more than just trips to school, the store, and the post office.
  3. Daylight Savings Time only applies to your clock, not actual daylight.  Hence, the Spring season will fill your life and bedroom full of light after 10pm.  Good luck with keeping a normal sleep schedule.
  4. Loitering at the school on the weekend is normal.
  5. Be prepared to see your coworkers – A LOT!
  6. Expeditions outside of your district will require a full day of travel; there is no way around this, so pack accordingly.
  7. If it ain’t four-wheel drive, prepare to dig it out of a snow bank.
  8. Your neighbors are your lifeline – treat them well.
  9. Know how to bake at least one really delicious treat for numerous food-requiring days, and helpful neighbors. (See rules #6 and #7)
  10. Ditch the 21st century.  Your appreciation of  high speed internet and cell phone service will decline proportionately to the amount of time you spend teaching in Bush Alaska.
  11. Basketball is life – learn at least the basic rules to keep up with the conversation.
  12. Save your money on fancy haircuts, brand-name clothes, and designer shoes.  This money will be better spent on purchasing groceries and shipping rates for school supplies.
  13. Ditch all vices.  Living in the same community as your students puts you in a fishbowl.  Set a good example, even on Facebook.
  14. New Dress Code: Out with the Gap, in with Columbia and North Face.



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