Hooray for PicMonkey

Earlier this year, the bazillions thousands of users of the website PicNik were sent a troubling email that our beloved site would no longer be available after April 19, 2012.  We weren’t supposed to worry because the “majority” of the features that we found comforting and simple to use to enhance our photos would be transferred over to Google+’s photos site.  I am a creature of habit, and I did not go into this migration with an open mind, I’ll be totally honest.  And perhaps that influenced me, but I DO NOT like format on Google Photos.  Yes, there are many of the same features and fonts and fru-fru add-ons from Picnik, but it’s just not the same.  It was like wearing Mom Jeans; you know it’s essentially the same thing, but too binding.  Anyways, plees to keep Picnik up and running have been made, and a few brave soldiers have made online petitions available for the head honchos to consider their decision.  And then I received this email:

Latte X 1,000 on the way!  Loving the name, BTW.

I am truly impressed with PicMonkey.com and how professional the layout is.

Along the left side of the screen are a series of menus that allow the user to customize their photos:

Basic Edits


This screen shot does not do the options justice.

Touch Ups Menu (Part 1)

Touch Up Menu (Part 2)  I’ll be taking full advantage of the blemish cover up.  Good Lord, it’s like a land mine field on my forehead these days!




I used PicMonkey to take this hot mess:

and turn it into this lukewarm mess:

Pros of PicMonkey:

  • Ease of use
  • It’s FREE
  • A large number of effects and touch ups to apply to photos
  • Similar layout to Picnik
  • You can add text and borders to your photos

Cons of PicMonkey:

  • Limited number of borders and fonts, for now (hint, hint)
  • You can only upload one photo at a time
  • It doesn’t save your recent uploads
  • There is no collage feature, yet (hint, hint)

Overall, I love this website and will continue to use PicMonkey exclusively for my blogs.  For those of you who are searching endlessly for a replacement for Picnik, I believe that we have found it in PicMonkey.

One thought on “Hooray for PicMonkey

  1. Hi Amanda! Your post makes the Monkey very happy! Thanks so much for such a great introduction to PicMonkey. So pleased that you like it. I’ve taken note of your “hint hints” and I’m sure you’ll be even happier soon. Keep monkeying around! Cheers, Brenda (PicMonkey Team)

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