What Day Is It?

Today’s Workout:  3 miles @ 23:04 (30/125 goal for March)

Upper Body/Abs Workout

Happy Friday err Saturday ummm Thursday?!?!? everyone!  It’s just been one crazy turn after another this semester on St. Paul Island!  Last week, we had Saturday School to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday, and then this weekend was a scheduled work day for certified staff members.  I’m actually a big fan of these days because requiring me to be productive on a weekend is just what this gal needs.  I’m pretty good at staying on track with my running schedule, but that’s about the most energy I’m capable willing to exert.  But if it’s mandated by someone else, then I’m able to kick it in to high gear and check off all the “To Dos” on my list that normally would be rationalized into avoiding.

So yesterday was supposed to be my Wednesday; today my Thursday.  Supposed to be.

Famous. Last. Words.

Then the blizzard warning hit, and some people got a little panicky about the 50+ mph winds, blowing snow, and ability to keep up with the drifts across our roads.  9am impromptu staff meeting: Public Safety is closing down the roads, and thusly the school.  SAY WHAT!?!?!

So that meant that we would send our students home, and work the rest of Thursday as our Work Day for Saturday.  So now:

Thursday would become my Friday!  HAPPY DANCE!

WHOA!  Wait!  We are going to have to make up this lost day now…how about this Saturday (that we were going to have off) becomes our makeup Saturday School?

Well, we do what we gotta do.  I’m over the pouting and disappointment from being able to sleep in tomorrow.  It also means that I will not be doing a long run for the second weekend in a row.  I do mine on Saturdays; I will not compromise.  I suppose this is one of those times that being an adult sucks.  This and colonoscopies.  I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

But for now, I am trying to get my brain wrapped around the idea that it is NOT Saturday today, as it wants to believe since yesterday felt like a Friday.  And it is INDEED a Thursday.  If only they would throw in a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy, I think that would cool my jets and calm my tummy about getting up early tomorrow.

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