Five Things Friday


1.  Despite having yesterday off from work, I am glad that today is Friday.  It’s difficult to hate a Friday on principle alone; you can dislike a specific Friday because it’s a 13th, or an event that happens to fall on a Friday that has negative connotations, but a Friday is pretty awesome.  It’s like the fit, funny, and charismatic girl that you really wish you could hate because she’s got it all, but she’s not snobby about it.  Fridays are the Carrie Underwood of days of the week.  Friday is friends with everyone: the Science geeks and the jocks.  It just wouldn’t be a weekend party without a Friday.

2.  I could have done just about anything yesterday because of the free 8 hours, and I chose to spend 5.5 of those reading.  I mentioned yesterday in my non “What I’m Reading Thursday” that I am almost through the first three books of the “Fallen” series by Lauren Kate.  Apparently there’s a 4th book, but it won’t upload to my Kindle until sometime in May.  BOOOOO!  When I finish “Passion,” I’ll write up a review.

3.  I’m over the Men vs Women concept for tribe creation on Survivor.  I’m not a feminist, and I’m not a closeted sexist, but damn!  I am tired of how awful the gender clusters make both sexes look!  I’m speaking solely about the representation choices by the producers of Survivor, but I’m pretty sure it stretches further than this.  The women tend to be either men haters on penis-owning basis alone, or they’re trying to flirt/manipulate their way onto the men’s hornball side; the men look like chauvinist pigs who only talk about which women they wouldn’t mind sharing a pitched-tent with, if ya know what I mean!  I know it’s a reality show scrambling for ratings, but geeeeeeeeze!  If I wanted to see a bunch of model-wanna-bes acting like gender stereotypes I would be watching the Bachelor/ette.

4.  Today are Parent/Teacher conferences.  I actually look forward to this because it’s a chance for all vested parties to join together in a common goal of educating a child/children.  Across the six years I’ve participated in PTCs, there typically are three types of parents:

  • 100% supportive and want to see their child achieve loftier goals in the classroom, no matter what their current grades are.
  • The “Yes Man” – whatever the teacher says, they agree with, and YES! their son/daughter could be spending more time on their HW, and YES! they will ensure that the student will spend less time on the PS3 and more schoolwork time, and YES! they will speak to their child about the amount of socializing that goes on in the class.  The changes we agreed upon rarely happen though.
  • Empty Chairs – for some reason, I have had some students that I’m not even sure they have parents because I have literally never talked to or seen them.

5.  I am a Project Runway fan, but I gotta tell you guys, I am totally disengaged with this “season” of Project Runway All Stars.  The premise should be totally riveting to fans because they’ve brought back some of the great designers and personalities of the previous seasons.  But they left the Big Dogs out: Heidi, Nina, and Michael!  I’m sorry, but the new host and judges panel just are not cutting it.  I think that Isaac Mizrahi is awesome, and wouldn’t mind seeing him during a normal season, but the rest could be thrown out with the bath water.

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