How to Waste a Free Day

Sometimes when you wake up, you feel something a’brewin.  Not really sure if the tingle you feel is a positive or a negative; hint: if it’s a pain, see a doctor.  Today was such a day for Dear Hubby and I.  I got up and went through my normal routine of coffee, DVR, coffee, coffee, stretch, email, coffee, blog, and then workout.  At 6am, I started my Fancy Oatmeal of the day and waited for the bathroom to be emptied for my daily cleansing.  Despite this routine routineness, there was something a little…off.  Anyways, as I was drying my hair, the phone rang telling us that the school day had been cancelled due to the remaining smoke and fumes permeating the school building from last week’s fire.  It was 7am and the whole day ahead of us; we were fully clothed, showered, and awake.  A to-do list was calling our name.  Prepare yourself to be rocked, Sir.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand psych!

What really ended up happening was we finished watching an old season of Survivor “Vanuatu,” and reading almost the entire third book of the “Fallen” series by Lauren Kate.

I know that this day was supposed to be my What I’m Reading Thursday, but I wanted to wait until I finished the series before telling you about it.  Spoiler Alert: it’s a Young Adult series.

I also drooled over the abundance of fresh produce (two varieties) that was delivered to us last night via Bypass Mail.

Yes, those are FOUR bags of organic baby carrots, approximately albs each.  I am hoping to bypass Dear Hubby’s need for Lasik surgery by upping the carrots in his diet.  More like the Frugal Oatmeal Blog.

According to my estimation, I should be keeping the doctor away for the next three and a half weeks.

Thursday and half of Friday are covered.

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