Attitude of Gratitude Bootcamp

Guys – I’m in need of an Attitude of Gratitude adjustment on the ginormous size!  I’ve been feeling the Mid-February/Winter Blahs like nobody’s business!  So I decided to enlist the services of Appreciation Drill Sergeant Put On Your Big Girl Panties And Deal With It!

So without further ado, let’s get on with the Attitude of Gratitude Bootcamp.


No more crying over Winter days that blend into one another!

No more complainin’ about a filled up “to-do” list!

No more whining about your dang ol’ legs being sore!


You got too much good in your life to be BOO HOOIN’ over a few wants that you’re not getting!

So right now, I want you to drop and give me 10 things you’re grateful for!

1. My family – they are super supportive and are always willing to listen about my life/complaints/wins.

2. My husband – I couldn’t ask for  a better best friend to walk through this life together with.

3. My friends – We may not see each other very often, but you’re always with me.

4. My health – I am not sick, and there are no ailments that keep me from doing everything that I want to do.

5.  My body – It takes a lot of grief and abuse from me, and I’m not all that nice when I talk about it many times.  It does all that I ask it to do, and if I should remember to treat it with the respect that this vessel has earned.

6. My home – It keeps me warm when the cold wind blows, dry when the rain falls from the sky, and safe when I lay my head down at night.

7. St. Paul Island – This island has given me so much: my job, my neighbors, my friends, my students.  Our neighbors are truly amazing, and even those who don’t know us that well always show us what hospitality and being a good person means.  My job It gives me a purpose, and fulfills me.  It challenges me and makes me a better person.

8. My faith – I would be NO WHERE without the love and comfort that I receive from my faith in God.  Without Him, nothing would be possible.

9. Writing – This has been a tremendous outlet for my aches, my worries, my fears, my joys, and the daily junk that tends to pile up in good and not so good ways.

10. The future – The ability to dream and look forward to whatever might be possible is an amazing gift that not all feel so hopeful about.

There now!  There’s a little bit more gratitude meat on them bones!

Life looks a little bit brighter when you focus on what you have instead of what you don’t.

Keep it up, Soldier!

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