Scary Night, Reassured Days

Sometimes in life, things happen that put the trivialness of our introverted existence into perspective.

According to a news story on KTUU Alaskan new station:

“Residents say the fire started about 10:30pm, Thursday and quickly got out of control.

At midnight the St. Paul Chief of Police, KC Alberg, said fire crews were still on scene trying to tame the fire. Alberg says the building is most likely a total loss.

Alberg says among the items being stored in the building were hazardous chemicals. A resident who lives nearby says drums of oil were kept in the building.”

Thankfully, our amazing volunteer fire fighters kept the blazes contained to only the storage building, and nobody was injured during the fire.  Many of our students and their families were evacuated from their nearby homes.

This fire, the possible devastation that it could have caused, really makes me think about the things that I value, and how vulnerable we are to forces outside of our control.  All of the “What ifs” that we tend to run through our minds when traumatic events happen can either scare you into submitting to your fears, or motivate you to make a change.  It made me realize that we vulnerable, and that this is a wakeup call.  Be grateful for the things in your life because you never know when they could be taken from you.  Be appreciative of the people in your life.  Stop being so snarky and quick to be irritated by the small requests placed upon you; be thankful that someone needs you.

Today I send out a big thank you to our volunteer fire fighters – you kept us safe and shielded.

The photos in this blog were provided by a remarkable teacher and photographer, Esther.

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