My Pinterest Boards: Living Space

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Happy Wednesday, Fancy Oatmeal readers!  It’s Wednesday and I thought I would coin a new daily theme.  I enjoyed sharing my dream kitchen ideas with you so much that I thought I would share some other visions I have always had/recently pinned on Pinterest.  So let’s it get started with one of my favorite boards: Living Space.  Simply put, it’s the place where I find random knickknacks, pieces of furniture, wall adornments, and whatnot that I would love to make our future house a home.

Foyer Features:

I love the collection of decorative plates that cascade down the wall, and when accessorized by the tier hutch, the foyer is complete.

Another simple, yet welcoming entrance way into your home.

If you don’t have a natural foyer, using furniture and hinged doors can help separate your living space.


This would be an ideal way to incorporate the modern technology of a flatscreen TV with a homey, country feel.  I can just see an XBOX 360 in the corner for Dear Hubby.

There is something about this beautiful color combination that makes me want to include it in my house.  The splashes of orange against the deep, chocolate brown of the chair and finish of the wooden pieces appeal to me, and I’m not even a Browns fan.  Oh and don’t mind if I do with the dark teal blue on the wall.

Back to the utilization of old doors themes, this is a beautiful way to add a pop of color to a beige room.  I wouldn’t say that Pea Soup Green would be my first choice, but I love the idea.

Shelves and Storage

I absolutely love the idea of open shelves for storing serving dishes.  Dear Hubby and I received many beautiful serving platters and bowls for our wedding, and what a wonderful way to display them when thy are not in use.

It could be that this shelf is covered in books, or it’s in the shape of the first letter in my name; either way, I think this shelf is absolutely darling.  My books tend to fall over on themselves anyways, so why not build a shelf that accommodates their natural flow?

This shelving unit would make my life, and thusly Dear Hubby’s, easier.  There’s a simplicity to this design that I find to be both pleasing and calming.

Question of the Day: If you were to redo one room in your house, which room would it be and why?

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