Protein Much?

Aren’t moms the best?  I have been blessed with an absolutely wonderful mother who takes wonderful care of me, and my husband.  And I should also mention that my mother-in-law is no slouch when it comes to the care-giving department.  Dear Hubby and I are never in need for any treats because the awesome motherly duo keeps us well stocked.  And today was no exception.

Remember when I mentioned feeling less than, and my attempt to kickstart my normal self was to take better care to include enough protein in my diet?  I also whined told my mom about it, and check out this care package of love and fortified goodness:

Included in my health-i-fied care package was: two single-serving Barney Butter almond butter packets, one Larabar, two Spiru-tein single serve protein packets, 15 cans of chicken breast, and a bottle of Iron supplements.  I have naturally low levels of iron in my blood, and the fact that I don’t eat red meat doesn’t help either.  There aren’t many sources of dark green leafy veggies available on the island, so I have to supplement in my iron intake.

Oh yea, and there was something else.  And this is the first that Dear Hubby is hearing about this gift.  We’ll see if he reads the blog without me asking him to =)

In other super thrilling news, I switched from blueberries to strawberries in my oatmeal.  Sorry, I shoulda given a better warning to the excitement level.  I hope nobody spilled their coffee or did a spit take.  I guess I will have to start chopping up the frozen berries before mixing them into my oatmeal because my standard oatmeal bowl (AKA an old almond butter jar) was overflowing.  Me being the genius that I am, I tried to screw on the top anyways, and it blurbed over the top and made a mess.  #FirstWorldProblems.

I did manage to take a photo to show you how voluminous my oatmeal was.  I refused to take a photo of the mess.  And when I say mess, I mean myself for making that poor decision.


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