Tuesday “Purist” Run: 4.63 miles – 38’24 (avg pace 8’17”)

Today’s run was different from my others in a few ways:

1. I didn’t have a set distance I wanted to run.

2. I didn’t have a set pace I wanted to run. (tempo/easy pace)

3. I didn’t read anything.

It was the closest I have ever come to running totally free.  I did wear my iPod Nano, but that was only because I wanted to know how far I ran.  I only checked in twice for my distance, and I felt a little guilty about it.  I told myself that I would be happy if I ran 3 miles without stoping.  I had covered up the display on my treadmill, so I didn’t know how long I had run.  I couldn’t even tell the passing time from the sunrise because our sun stays in bed until around 9:30am here.

The first time that I checked my time/distance was at the 2.7ish mile marker.  The second time that I checked it was 4.5ish.   You could have knocked me off my treadmill with a feather when I saw that I had ran 4.5 miles, and not just because I tend to trail off to the right anyways.

So what did I think about for those thirty-eight minutes?  Well a lot of things.

1. Should Dear Hubby and I go somewhere for Spring Break?

2. Oatmeal or Luna Bar for breakfast?

3. What is the next book that I should read?

4. Formulating lesson plans for my high schoolers who are reading Othello right now.

5. What outfit will I wear to school today?

6. I think I have to pee?

7. I should have chewed on gum during this run.

8. Sang the lyrics to the Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack from the musical episode

9. I should start looking up the registration dates for some of the Michigan half-marathons

10. Is there a new Glee tonight?

11. Dance Moms isn’t such a bad show; I’m not going to be one of those moms when I put my kids in sports and activities.

12. I wish I could paint that one spot on the wall that’s discolored.

13. I hope the car starts today.

14. What if we had to walk all over the place? I would have calves the size of pumpkins.

15. I think I’ll make pasta for dinner.

And then I was done.  I wasn’t sore, I wasn’t exhausted, I wasn’t cranky, I wasn’t depleted, I wasn’t sorry.  It was nice.

Question of the Day: What goes through your mind as you workout?

6 thoughts on “Experiment

  1. I’m a total nerd. My friends and I keep a shared Google doc to log our workouts. When I’m running, I usually think of something goofy I can write on there about my run that will make my friends laugh.

  2. I ran 13 miles Saturday, and all I could think about was Sundays MSU vs. U of M game, and Lays potato chips. I do t know what the chips thing was about, but incidently, they were on sale at Meijer, and yes, I did buy some.
    And hey, State dominated, so alls good.
    Active.com is a great site for events, as well as Playmakers.com
    See ya!

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